Saturday, June 27, 2009


Growing up, I'm pretty sure my Dad put all our toys together. I've always considered anything that involves a Phillips screwdriver and wood a "man's job." Not holding it against Matt. I know he has to work this week and with my family here this next week, I thought I should go ahead and put Mati Claire's birthday present together myself. This is how it shipped to me about 3 months ago:

It sat in my laundry room since just like that. Got tired of big boxes taking up so much room. So I unpacked them with little enthusiasm. It sunk even lower when I actually organized the FORTY pieces of wood, TEN different packets of various nuts/bolts/screws, and THREE different types of screwdrivers. Somebody's gonna have to do it before next week.

After 2 hours, it looked like this. Good stopping point...went to bed. That was Wednesday.

Thursday, another 2 hours! FINALLY! The finished product:

So that's what I've been doing all week. That and attempting to potty train. She's doing well...she's been once a day for 3 days and twice yesterday! "I did it all for the cookies!"


Amy H. said...

That's adorable! Way to go, mama! Sorry I've missed going to the playground, but we've had something each week during that time, and this week is no different. Sorry to leave all of this in a comment, but I don't have your number!

odomfamilyfun said...

wow, impressive! we have the same kitchen & i laughed when I saw Troy unpack it. He did it but with little joy. The kids love it though ;)