Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wild Times

We took our anniversary trip to New Orleans this week. We made it a family trip and took Mati Claire with us so she could visit the Audubon Zoo, Aquarium of the Americas, and Global Wildlife (in Folsom, LA). It was a great trip! We loved our hotel, Windsor Court, and we also had good weather to enjoy the zoos and walking downtown. MC had her first cab ride (lack of car seat is illegal I think), first trip down Bourbon Street, and enjoyed Cafe Du Monde beignets! Please excuse my appearance in the picture...I did not realize we would have a family photo op! I'm usually behind the camera!

First of many trips to Bourbon Street??? I think not.

I got mistaken as Miley Cyrus while ordering room service! I heard she was there doing a concert and we also saw paparazzi downtown. But only our last name showed up on caller ID and the employee thought she hit the jackpot! Little did she know.

MC enjoyed the Aquarium the best (maybe because of the air conditioner). She got to pet the baby shark and saw many many many 'shish'. Here are a few pics from the Aquarium:

The Global Wildlife Park in Folsom, LA (1 hr north of New Orleans) was really neat! Here's a collage of petting the animals! The giraffes are by far the coolest. You can only feed the giraffes and llamas out of your hand...the rest have to eat from the cup provided. But you can pet almost all of them. Zebras bite so we stayed away from them! Very neat adventure! They have buffalo, deer, kangaroos, camels, emus, beefalo (hybrid buffalo/cow), peacocks, giraffes, llamas, zebras, and various other forms of deer and antelopes.

Excited about corn! I wonder why?

Feeding giraffe Sunny

Feeding the camel

The New Orleans Audubon Zoo was sort of out of the way and took almost 30-45 minutes to get there by cab. But it was good too. They have this amazing gorilla (Katie?) that is enormous. But if you've seen 1 zoo, you've seen 'em all. Getting to actually pet the animals was worth every penny. MC went "ape $#!*" over all the adventures! She didn't complain once! She walked (wouldn't ride in the stroller) and toured Bourbon Street! Yeah, how crazy can we get with a 2 year old right? MANY restaurants won't allow children at all. That's crazy! She was so well-behaved! It was me and Matt that they should've worried about! ;)

I love you honey, but seriously. Matt knocked over a glass of water at one restaurant not only spilling it all over me, but SHATTERING the glass. Yes, I get a bit upset when there are tiny bits of glass within arms reach of our child. We fought over directions no matter where we went! Then about an hour after we left the hotel for good, he realized he left his keys in the room. What? We had already crossed Lake Pontchartrain. Had to turn around, go back, and then drive back again...with a 2 yr old that refuses to nap! Talk about an irritating anniversary! One to remember! But overall still a very fun trip! The police had already left our house when we got home! Yay! We cut Folsom a few minutes short when we got a phone call from police! All is good! Only harm done is Rachel is mortified I think.

Got home last night. Matt has to redeem himself. So we got a sitter, and headed to the new Japanese restaurant in town and to see The Hangover movie! It's vulgar, gross, has explicit language, but HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried from laughing through the entire movie! One of the funniest movies I've ever seen! And here's some more good news in the movie world if you haven't already seen it, check out the movie trailer for Twilight: New Moon! I can't wait for this movie to come out. And even if you're not a Twilight groupie, check it out and it may entice you to read it!
And a good time was had by all!


Sara said...

Looks like a fun trip. MC Looks like she enjoyed herself!

Tina said...

That's such a fun age for the zoo, and even better for a petting zoo! Glad y'all had so much fun! MC looks precious in all those pics.