Monday, August 23, 2010

And so it begins

With the hair comments. Seriously people, I realize my kids are destined to have bad hair. But you don't have to comment. I thought I had heard it all with MC. Seems Mattox has the same bad luck. Walking in church yesterday, someone said (and I know he was joking) "he's got a little premature gray going on already." Wow. I have to laugh now. Got my feelings hurt with MC, but there's nothing I can do about it - and no, I haven't heard of a baby hair gel either. Why would I? I love his birthmark! I think its cute! If he chooses to dye it later in life, so be it. Maybe I could invent "Just For Babies" instead of Just for Men.

The school year has begun great! MC loves Mrs. C! and couldn't wait to go back to ballet. Mrs. P said she did much better this week and had no problems with her! yay! Made my day to hear that! I think the greatest part of my day everyday is picking MC up. I get to sit in line and watch her play (without her knowing I'm there). It's so sweet to see her making new friends and interacting with others when I'm not around. She really likes her little brother lately. Always asking to hold him and finally acknowledges his presence. Here are a few pics I managed to take yesterday and today at ballet.

Saturday's Mati Clairism: "Mom, you don't want to ooze da blue." = we can't lose the glue. So she set it on the shelf...of course, we can't lose it.
Oh in case you missed it, here's a LINK to a picture from way back in time! Thank you Erica!

Sarah, Riley, Cooper, Payton, Caroline, MC. (missing Kaytlin)
Sorry this is the best one I got of about 20 pics.

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Sara said...

I love their little outfits. Tried to order that dress last year for Addison from KK and they were sold out. She looks darling in her ballet gear!