Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yes Randomness

Does anyone else watch Keeping up with the Kardashians? I love that show. Those girls crack me up and actually inspire to me to have a gigantic family... hopefully not as disfunctional as theirs though. Believe it or not, Khloe is my fave...but I would hate to be on her bad list.

And if Matt and I were to renew our wedding vows ever again - I would totally get a replica of Chelsea Clinton's dress! Wow. It was to die for. I know that's old news but seriously, I just stare at it:

Anyway, back in reality, we've just been hanging out here. I have been giving Mattox cereal at night for the last 2 weeks and then I gave him a slither of carrots the other night. Here was his response:

Yeah, we may wait awhile before trying any more foods. We'll stick with the cereal. He LOVES it. Doesn't spill a drop. Mati Claire seems to be more interested in Mattox lately... she asks to hold him all the time and she helps me more. I was starting to get worried that she was going to ignore him her entire life. She is really beginning to say the darndest things! I can't wait to see how her first week at preschool goes. It will be such an adjustment for us - we don't get up early and she is still sleeping til around 8:30 right now. We met our teacher, Mrs. Courtney, last week. I basically told her as nice as I could that I expect to pick MC up the same way I dropped her off unless you need to change her clothes = no hair cutting, no nail clipping, no makeup, no nothing. And IF there is a reason for a change, just to CALL me first! I consider myself pretty laid back but I draw the line at hair cutting unless its an accident. History does not need to repeat itself.
I heart chunky monkey...and chunky legs.

I am waging war on caterpillars too. At first, I felt bad for them thinking it was just a few on my ferns. And thought it would even be cool to have some butterflies spin out soon. Then I found about 100 and they were actually eating/killing my ferns (my brand new ones that I bought at the beginning of summer). So I reluctantly got some gardening gloves to pull them off by hand. Ugh! I still have the creepy crawlies. I even dreamed about them that night. A few days went by and I'm still pulling them off. After researching online, I found out they were Florida Fern Caterpillars and they actually aren't butterflies - they are moths! The little heifers lay hundreds of eggs in the dirt and it is impossible to get rid of infestation by hand. Matt got me some spray so hopefully I can save my other 2. RIP ferns. I have the unluckiest green thumb ever.


Sara said...

Who knew that ferns could be attacked by caterpillars!?? Thanks for the words of encouragement about the house building. I'm sure it will be an adjustment!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I haven't met your sweet baby boy yet, but he is adorable.
There's something about those boys that just steals a mother's heart.
FB in Vburg