Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pure Sugar

I have waited 3 years for this moment. A tear and a smile floated across my face when I got her dressed. I was so proud, jealous, envious, and living vicariously for 45 minutes. Mati Claire had her first ballet lesson yesterday. Oh if I could be 3 years old again. Unfortunately her teacher told me that she cried through most of it. I almost cried to hear that. She thought she was overwhelmed. MC did have a big "new" day yesterday: new school, new friends, new teachers, new places, new tights, new shoes, you get the idea. Mrs. P was positive that she would do better next week (she did fine as long as she stood next to Mrs. P). Matt and I think that it also had to do with a little attention starvation...she tends to cry and throw these "silent tantrums" when she doesn't get the spotlight...and in the studio she shared it with 10 other little ballerinas. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that next week goes better. I think it will since she will be familiar with what she's doing now. She has asked 100 times to go back to ballet since yesterday. Yay! I only hope that I can be this passionate about whatever Mattox chooses to do. (someone hint to him later that we are big basketball and golf fans - jk ;) Anyway, I got my fill of pure sweetness yesterday afternoon:

Sugar and Spice

Out with the old in with the new! Erica, this one's for you...recognize my old bag?

My attempt at teaching her first position. But she was showing me what she learned.


Sara said...


Heather Klauber said...

Beautiful Ballerina...Just like you!

Erica said...

First of all, the sight of your old dance bag totally made me have a physical reaction in my gut. And then I teared up. Love it. Amazing the memories a photo can bring back.

Secondly, my gosh, Mati Claire is the most precious little angel. She just looks so tiny and perfect.

I can't imagine what this must feel like for you. Passing on something that you loved. Being the mom taking her to class instead of the dancer being dropped off. Wow.

You know Mrs Atwater is smiling up there, too.

Love this.
Love you.

Tina said...

This is just pure joy! So cute! I know she will be a great little dancer.