Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun with Family

We came to TN to pick up MC and to hang out with my nieces. Kerigan turned 7 and she had her birthday party at the movie theatre! Very cool party and got watch the Smurf movie. They had a party room, so we had DQ ice cream cake. Then everyone gets free refills of popcorn and drink! Doesn't get any better than that!!!

Yesterday we went to the Lost Sea Adventure. Also pretty cool (literally). They said it was 58 degrees underground! I'll take it. Its a 4 acre lake in a cave! Yep, underground lake. I don't suggest wearing Sketchers' ShapeUps Flipflops to trek over a downhill/uphill gravel mile. But it was a lot of fun! Mattox really likes to say cheese for the camera...and pass out sugar. I don't think anyone was more excited to see MC than him. He kissed her 3 times when he saw her. I didn't realize just how much he missed her. He is the sweetest thing!!!!!!! love mister mattox. So glad everyone is feeling better and ready to come home.

Say "cheeeeese"

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gigi said...

We really did have a good time-minus the walking downhill in gravel. The Smurf movie-party was good too. I loved having all the grands together doing fun things for a few days. Thanks, girls!!!