Monday, July 18, 2011


  • "Why did they only mail half my new big-girl bed? Would it not fit in the mailbox?"

  • "I didn't tuck them, mom..... i promise. I didn't ooze the scissors."

  • During our nightly bedtime ritual, I told her she could not have her milk until she went potty (she must also go potty so we don't have any accidents during the night). Several minutes passed and then I overheard, "C'mon tee-tee, come out! .....please, I want my milk.... c'mon tee-tee c'mon!"

  • (Also in reference to her new bed being delivered) MC gave me a quarter in the car. "Here's some money for my new bed... now you don't have to work anymore. Can you tell them its paid for and to send it to me now?"

  • Matt cleaned out the lake house hand-me-downs and brought home a trailer-full to take to the dump. The trailer has been parked in front of our house for a few days until he could get a day off work to take care of it (we're talkin ancient deep freezer, pots, rusted broken un-fixable furniture, busted ski equipment, stuff a junk store wouldn't even take, etc). Every morning, MC comments on this sight. "Mom, we sure are trashy."

Sometimes I wish I could see through their eyes and remember everything being so innocent and simple. Gotta love my girl.

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Pamela said...

GREAT! You will be so happy you wrote this post!!! I am:)