Thursday, July 28, 2011

July Ramblings

this month really needs to slow down. you can see from my lack of blogging that means i've been busy. we survived stomach bug #3 of the year. really. if we get another stomach bug after school, i might die. i caught somewhat of a break since MC was at my mom's the entire time. YES - I am a horrible mother. I shipped her off to her Gigi's SICK! She wanted her mommy she wanted to come home... and I was here with another sick child. Trust me, you don't have to comment on the guilt I feel. mattox is doing some serious teething on top of that. gotta love those molars and eye-teeth. He's been running fever for 1 week today = no sleep. this was supposed to be my "minus 1" week. MC was supposed to be enjoying her time with her cousins, and I was supposed to be enjoying only having 1 child to take care of and spending quality time with mattox playing with cars and trucks. It was anything but that. guess if you count quality lap time. he won't move. he won't stop fussing. he won't eat. he won't sleep.

then yesterday was my Rachel's last day. *sniff sniff* she has babysat for me since MC was born. 4 years. she left us for her real job. left 2 kids for 25 first graders. *sniff sniff* We wish you the best of luck this year! And if you get MC as a student in 2 years, you'll have to overlook her calling you "chachel" instead of Miss McFarland.

So I planned a spa day yesterday. my self-indulgence. I L.O.V.E. the spa. I feel clean, I feel refreshed, I escape. I get facial-ed, wrapped, massaged, waxed, pedicured, and blissed out. But yesterday was also anything but that. I decided to be brave at the facial and try a mini-peel. She said "its going to feel like ants crawling on your skin." And I pay for this??? Yes. I do. ok, it didn't burn that bad. then i get to the massage, and it was not relaxational. it was deep tissue and apparently i have ALOT of knots in my back. i think i even have a bruise today and am sore! it was a painful experience. worse than the bikini wax. nuff said. then my black toenail (remember earlier post in April) FINALLY fell off a few days ago, so i have this teeny-weeny paper-thin new toenail. the pedicurist ignored my comment about leaving that toe alone and decided to pedicure that nail as well. what nail? why don't you just clip that toe right off? there's nothing to paint really. then i absolutely froze during the body wrap. i had never done one of those before. interesting experience. i actually paid someone to give me a bath in this weird looking bed (visualize an egg shaped tanning bed that's actually a flat bathtub). very weird. and what's better - i paid someone to exfoliate my skin raw and then drown me in stinky green goop called seaweed. draped in these soaking wet towels and f.r.e.e.z.i.n.g. what's relaxational about that? do i have soft beautiful breath-taking skin afterwards? not so much. lol just plain ole dry psoriasis-stricken skin. who knew???

So we are going to torture ourselves even more and make the 8 hour drive to pick MC up. torture in the sense that mattox will most definitely scream the entire 8 hours. Can't wait to see my girl though! Happy 7th birthday to my niece, Kerigan!!

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