Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Day in the Life

I was going to do another pharmacy rant --- but I digress. Think I'll do a 'mommy needs a break' rant instead.  Here's how my day went... boring but to a stay at home mom - its constant:

7:00am  Shot out of bed (late) to the sounds of both kids screaming through the monitor
7:10am  Pull Mati Claire out of bed whining that she "misses her bed" already. 
7:20am  Drag Mati Claire to the closet to let her choose 1 of 2 or 3 outfits I pre-laid out night before.  She wants none of the above and would like to wear her pajamas to school.  I place her on potty kicking and screaming because after almost 12 hours of sleep - she claims she still does not have to go potty.
I finally get her dressed and teeth brushed to much despair. And hair.  Still haven't gone potty yet.
7:30am Change Mattox's disgusting diaper, fix both kids warm - not cold- milk.  Heaven forbid they drink cold or even room temp milk. Force them to eat Nutrigrain of their choice.  Again, heaven forbid they actually eat any "normal" breakfast food.  Or even food in general... any food would be nice.
7:45am I unexpectedly volunteer to take MC to school with our neighbor, Jack (Carly has been taking MC to school for me the last few weeks - I have such sweet neighbors!)  As I'm proposing to take them to school, I realize I am still in pajamas, glasses, haven't brushed my teeth, and I need to be walking out the door.  No shower, no contacts, managed to get dressed and brush teeth and find a car seat.  Unfortunately Jack had to ride in the pink car seat.  He informs me on the way to school that his "favorite color is NOT pink."  Note to self: unbox the new RED seat for Mattox that is sitting in the garage.
8:15am Drop kids off at school. But I have to be THAT mommy, and tell the teacher that we discovered a recurrent allergy to baby wipes used on her face last Friday. pictures are in a week for Christmas cards.  Please go away rash please go away rash.
8:30am  Stop and get gas or I won't make it home...back at home, I attempt to put myself together better.  Work on laundry, clean up the kitchen from the night before, talk to Matt for a few minutes before he goes to sleep, catch up on email, work on Bible Study homework, look at my preplanned menu for the week and decide I really don't feel like eating chicken tonight...i feel like tacos.  All of that takes up time until...
11:15am  Mattox falls asleep in the car on the way to pick up sista.  uh-oh.  big mistake. huge.
11:25am  Wait in line... yes it rained... so the pick up line is l.o.n.g.
11:45am Get home, fix lunch for everyone, and SUPRISE! No one wants to eat except me.  Really? where do these people come from? what. is wrong. with eating? you. must. eat. to. survive, my child.  ok. i give up. they can go to bed hungry.  i mentally can't argue anymore with food.
12:15pm  I make Mati Claire take a nap because she has ballet today.  Only took 4 times threatening her to make her stop talking to herself.  Mattox on the other hand who usually still naps pretty good - got a good 15 minutes in the car earlier, so he's good for the rest of the day. No nap for him.  He fussed in the crib for an hour - but that is normally my time to get more stuff done. 
1:30pm  Sweep the crumbs and food off the kitchen floor for the 3rd time today. 
1:35pm  work on another load of on another load of dishes...browse internet for coordinating outfits for our upcoming family pic...
2:45pm oh dear heavens...i have to wake mati claire up AGAIN.  so i ddddrrrrrraaaaggggg her out of bed again to get dressed for ballet.  she is prevented from getting dressed because she can't move past the mosquito bites on her leg.  perhaps if she took my advice and actually slept UNDER the sheets, that MIGHT not have happened.  just a thought though.  maybe so. WHY do kids not listen to their parents? Really. Would we steer them wrong? No, we love them too much. But still...
3:15pm  ballet time.  she usually enjoys this so I don't catch too much trouble from her.  mattox on the other hand is bored out of his mind.  I can't wait in the waiting room anymore because it wouldn't still be standing afterwards.  so I say a quick prayer to thank God for car dvd players.  plus he's strapped down to his car seat so he can't do too much damage. 
4:30pm  Start getting dinner ready... clean up after Mattox pulls a glass root beer bottle out of fridge, shakes it, and drops it. It sprays everywhere... clean some more because the floor is sticky.  clean again, because the floor is still sticky.  And I clean it again. meanwhile, he pulls the garbage can over.  give Mati Claire her bath early in an attempt to go to bed early and get a headstart on our evening rituals.  I see her sitting in yellow gross, mati claire. drain tub out and start over. Mattox starts to throw every toy he owns into the bathtub as well.  Even books.  I spend more time just drying non-bath-toys.  WHEN will he learn? WHEN I say!!  While I'm doing that, he proceeds to break a beaded toy princess necklace in MC's room...about 50 tiny little beads go EVERYWHERE!  gotta love toddlers.
5:30pm Cook dinner...
6:05pm  Matt appears out of his man cave.  Ahh...a sit down family dinner...even if it is tacos. I see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I sit down to eat, get up because MC wants a fork - not a spoon.  I get up again because I forgot napkins.  I take 1 bite.  Mattox is screaming because he's through with his dinner already.  So I clean him up, pick up the food off the floor, now MC is through with her dinner. So I take 1 more cold bite.  Phone rings.  My family has yet to understand the 1 hour time change after living there for several years.  So I eat while I talk.  Gross I know. Matt makes his way back to the cave to get ready for work.
7:00pm   I give Mattox his bath.  Diaper change, brush teeth, new pajamas, get his bedtime milk, read a book, rock for a few minutes, and put him down to sleep...on a good night.
7:30pm  I clean up the kitchen...for the 1000th time today.  dishes for like the 3rd time today.  Oh and then i get to finish eating my dinner. 
8:00pm  Realized I haven't gone to the bathroom all day... would be nice to go alone. 
8:05pm Start Mati Claire's nighttime ritual.  PJ's, brush teeth, clean up her room, read a book, rock for an extended period of time, say prayers, lay out clothes for next day (which she likes to help), clean out her sink because she's been playing with the toothpaste again, clean the toilet because apparently she's been watching too many boys go tee-tee at school and thought she could tee-tee like them. This is usually about the time of her meltdown. 
8:45pm Exit Mati Claire's room (hopefully for the last time). 
9:46pm  Ahh...maybe I can watch a few minutes of tv.  or watch something I had to record from last week. oh wait, the dryer just buzzed at me...go finish laundry.  and iron her field trip tshirt for tomorrow.  while you're at it, go ahead and iron everything in the laundry room because its been sitting there for a month waiting on "ironing day" that has yet to arrive.
10:00pm  tired of ironing.  watch a few minutes of the news. clinton is on the news AGAIN?? wow - we are 1 popular town lately.  sinkholes. bus drivers. or maybe I should say UN-popular.
10:30pm would like to go to bed, but I never got a shower.  i never read that book.  i never put up the clean folded clothes.  one of the kids is having a nightmare.  i need to go check and make sure all the doors are locked. pick up a few of the dishes out of the kitchen b/c i hate waking up to a dirty kitchen.  
11:00pm hmm..maybe i should blog to vent how tired i am. 
2:30am  mati claire is talking in her sleep.
4:15am  mattox is yelling in his sleep because his teeth hurt.
4:59am  rain and thunder woke me up
5:30am  mati claire asks if the sun is up yet.  she talks herself back to sleep.
7:00am wow - here we go again. 

And this was a "normal" good everyone's been in a pretty decent mood day. boring, huh?  Just curious - how does your day go (to other sahm's)? 

And this pic has nothing to do with this post. But thought I'd share. He got to wear his new boots for the first time to Hayes' birthday party on the farm!  And the next because I NEVER see them holding hands. She wanted to take him by the hand and show him all the animals! One of her sweeter moments. ;)



Sweet T said...

Ok. I'm tired just reading this post. Bless you! But, it makes me feel better knowing that MC and R are kind of alike, and that I'm not crazy and I am not alone! Is it a "July baby" thing?

Carly Winborne said...

just now reading this post. i'm worn out, too. i'm sorry to have complicated the day with jack's "pink is not my favorite" comment. you're a more concerned mama than i am who told him to sit in it anyway and never thought another thought about it! sorry though! it'll get easier, i promise.


I am so laughing reading this! I swear this was my day today. Love it! WE are in the same exact place!!!! XOXO KJ