Saturday, October 22, 2011

Put 'em up

I have to admit.  Mati Claire makes my heart skip a beat.  And Mattox just melts it.  How cute are they?? This was the annual Halloween kids party.  For the first time in 5 years, I think every child in the group photo cooperated as well as they could.  They'rrrrre gggrrrrrreat!  Mattox played his part of the cowardly lion well!!  I tease.  He's so bashful.  I can. not. believe. he sat still for this pic.  No meltdowns, no drama, just a fun-filled party!  We are surprising Mati Claire with our trip to DisneyWorld this week.  So I will be posting when we get back.  Can't wait to see her face!!!!!!!! 

(it could happen, right? ;) ) 

'put em up  put em up'


Erica said...

THREE Spidermans! Spidermen?
I was just talking with a friend of mine with a 3 year old boy and she was telling me about HIS Spiderman obsession. Hilarious.

Your kids are too precious! I love them. Have an amazing vacation!

Whitney said...

Adorable kids

Alexandra Rose said...

Oh my goodness these outfits are TOO adorable. I LOVE the Lion!