Sunday, October 9, 2011

Emotional Much?

Maybe I'm getting old...or maybe I'm just emotional lately. Sorry, I have to get this emotional surge out. Everytime I see my one of my kids' faces, I immediately picture their face when they were just a few months old.  I imagine what her hair used to look like thinking it would NEVER change... and look at it now.  I didn't think he would EVER stop crying... and well, he stops every now and then ;)  She gives me a certain look, and I immediately recognize and remember it staring back at me when I was nursing her: chipmunk cheeks and M&M eyes. They are growing up way too fast.  I can barely hold mati claire anymore.  and mattox went from 7 lbs to 27 lbs in no time. I'm just sad... my baby is well on his way to turning 2... my other baby starts kindegarten next year and keeps talking about how her teeth will fall out when she turns 6.  Neither of them are what I ever expected.. they are way better!!!!

For instance, I never expected [this story for those of you not on FB]:  I decided to deliver our neighbors' mail the other day that we mistakenly received.  Mattox was taking a nap upstairs.  Mati Claire was content sitting in the living room watching MickeyMouse.  I didn't want to walk through the grass, so I sort of took the long way around.  Was about halfway there, when I hear MC yelling 'wait for me, mommy!'  I turn around, and see this 4 year old pig-tailed NAKED little girl running towards me! Can't you just see the hair bouncing and blowing in the breeze? Whatever you are imagining right now, you are correct.  So I scream, "MATI CLAIRE!! You don't have any clothes on!!"  And she looks at me very seriously and pauses....... and says, "... but I have shoes on mom."   And she knew she couldn't go outside without shoes on.  Now, if that had been Mattox, I probably would not have even looked back...much less been absolutely shocked!  Why was she naked? no idea. And no, she was fully clothed when I left.  So to be honest, I'm not sure which one of my kids will get arrested first for streaking or public indecent exposure.  Hopefully the shock wears off by then. 

They are VERY different (more than they are very alike).  The other day we were walking in the door.  There was a ball in the floor that was in our way.  I noticed MC walked around it, and mattox walked over it.  MC likes vegetables, Mattox likes fruit.  MC doesn't care for dirt, Mattox thrives on it. MC is not a touchy-feely person, Mattox wants you to hold him constantly.  MC understands after 1 or 2 times of telling her 'no', Mattox will never understand.  MC doesn't care to read (just likes the attention), but Mattox loves to read.  I can't think of 1 thing MC ever broke, and Mattox, well... just call him the destroyer. 

It's okay though.  All that huggin' and kissin' he gives me makes up for it. ;) 


GiGi said...

They DO grow up TOO fast. Try to enjoy every PAIN staking moment of it!!! It's not fun sometimes, it's nerve wrecking, and it's gray hair making---but it's worth it. Your Dad and I feel like we have two beautiful, independent, funny, lovable, most wonderful in the world, daughters. They've married two great guys, who will love them and care for them forever.With God's blessing, we hope to have many more years to enjoy you and the families you've created. And we LOVE all the "babies" you both have brought into this world. Can't imagine life without them. God bless you and your family. We love you so much. (And I don't think I was the one who called at 7:00)

Jenna said...

I can totally relate to being emotional!