Friday, July 20, 2012

NICU: Day #12

I had every intention of keeping a daily NICU journal on here, but time if flying by! I do keep a daily journal in her baby book - but I won't bore you with all those details.  Last week is a total blur.  I honestly don't remember most of it (combination of drugs and stress)... and now its Friday already! So it's Day #12 (counting her actual birth day) and I'm just starting.

Merritt is still doing well! She only has 1 line in her left arm (pic line) and then her blood pressure cuff and O2 sat on her feet.  They are leaving the last line in just in case something happens (it can be used for food or medication or whatever).  But they started her off with 5 cc's (1 teaspoon) of breast milk every 3 hours Wednesday.  She tolerated it very well - and actually wanted more.  So they increased her to 10 cc's last night and this morning she was up to 15 cc's.  She was struggling to finish the 15 cc's (1 tablespoon) but I think it was because she had a blowout and she needed to burp.  Burping seems to be her biggest issue.  You wouldn't think it would be a problem - but we (and the nurses) can't seem to hold her in a vertical position without her screaming bloody murder.  We aren't sure if it physically hurts on the inside or if she's still sore from the incision on the outside - which is understandable too.  We obviously can't lay her on her belly yet, so I try to get her on her side on my chest (as vertical as I can get her).  But she usually ends up with the hiccups anyway...and sort of fussy.

Anyway - that's where we are now.  Just trying to increase her feeds as she tolerates them.  And as soon as she gets to "full feeds" and is still gaining weight - do I dare say the H word??? She will get to come HOME! She weighs 5 lbs 12.5 oz!  She still gets TPN - which I wish they would pull out.

Some people have asked about me. Each day is a little better.  I'm not one of those people that bounce back after C-sections.  Wish I was.  I still hurt and am very sore (but just taking Tylenol).  I'm pumping pretty much all day it seems.  The swelling and headache have gone thank goodness.  I am allowed to drive again starting on Monday! yay!

Here are a few pics from the last 2 or 3 days:

Her incision/scar.  It actually looks better and MUCH smaller already. This was a few days ago. The top of it has alot of extra skin where it "puckered"...surgeon said if it didn't flatten out in a few years as she gets taller, she may need a little plastic surgery to fix that.  I think I can handle a little plastic surgery later in life after this!  And no, she does NOT have a bellybutton.  That is her bellybutton. 
This is one of our favorite pics.  First bottle! Sorry the pics are blurry = iPhones.
So sweet. She loves to be held and generally looks like this if you are holding her. :)
Her upgraded isolette bed.  I like the warmer bed better, but this bed means she is more stable (I think)
Just chillin' with my Daddy after 15 cc's of milk!  7/20/12

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danielle said...

she looks SO great!!!!! beg your doctors to stop the tpn.. it will help her tolerate feeds better! (we had to beg, i gave them my "non medical perspective.. ha!) she lost weight the next day.. but picked right back up! she is BEAUTIFUL! and her belly is PERFECT!