Saturday, July 28, 2012

NICU: Day #20

Merritt really wasn't getting anywhere with weight and as God would have it, her Pic line came out (The line for TPN). To keep from redoing the pic line or another IV, they decided to put an NG (feeding tube down her nose)and try 30 cc bottles and push whatever she wouldn't drink down her nose. Sounds awful. It was. That was helping but she still showed no real improvement with what she took by bottle (our goal). I asked about nursing on demand (and ignore the set timed scheduled feedings). Luckily the neonatologists are 200% in favor of nursing/breastfeeding. Other than weight there was nothing holding her to the NICU. O babies just don't gain like normal babies. I love nursing. I hate to pump. But nursing on demand in a NICU with 1,000 rules was proving difficult. One of the doctors asked if I would be interested in going to a private room that simulates a home setting and would allow me to nurse on demand. Well absolutely!!! I am on lock-down in here. Very cool room that makes up for my "suite" on 4th floor UMC labor and delivery. But I'm not allowed to leave the room. Between Merritt's monitor alarms constantly sounding, the other NICU babies crying outside, the noisy office next door, and her waking to eat every 2 hours.... I got NO sleep last night. Basically if she gains weight we can go home tomorrow! But if not I'm afraid they will keep us longer and either go back to NG tube feeding and stay longer. We are so ready to go home!!! She was up by 2 oz this morning (5#7oz). Merritt is enjoying not having any invasive tubes, but she is still hooked up to a blood pressure cuff, O2 sat monitor, and EKG leads on her chest. They drive me crazy. This room simulates a home setting and allows you to prove to the doctors that you can take care of your baby and are ready to go home. Being in isolation I find myself wanting to scream at them "I can take care of her!!" and then I began to laugh. I remembered I said the exact opposite just a few short months ago. I thought "I can't. I can't." Just showed me again that God knows what He's doing...He knew what to give me and what I can do when I think I can't. Today is her official due date! I would upload pics, but I'm posting this from my iPhone. Sitting here watching Olympics and not enjoying hospital cafeteria food! I have enjoyed getting to spend some quality alone time with my new little girl too..even if she does scream at me. ;)

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Claire said...

So glad you're getting to room-in! Hope she keeps up that weight gain and you're home soon. :-)