Monday, July 23, 2012

NICU: Day #15

Happy 2 week Birthday to my sweet pea, Merritt!! We've had some down days lately.  She does not want to eat.  The doc's allowed up to 25 cc's in a bottle - we were so excited - but that doesn't mean she will actually take it! ha!  She was holding out at 10 cc pretty steady for several days.  Yesterday and today she is slightly increasing to 15 a few times.  I know this is boring to most of you.  But for those of you interested.  She had lost down to 5# 5.5 oz but is back up to 5# 9oz today.  They turned down the TPN a few days ago from 100% to 80% which made no difference on her eating... and today they had turned off the lipid portion of the TPN (total parenteral nutrition) completely so hopefully she will get hungrier now for MILK!  

She gags, she takes a few swigs and then spits it out, she hasn't figured out burping yet, she tightens her bottom lip so hard and uses her tongue to literally block the bottle from going in her mouth, and recently discovered that she can just take her hands and push the bottle away.  I would absolutely LOVE to nurse her and she roots for it all the time... but that's where mothers and doctors disagree.  I understand and completely agree with their point of view and I know I would drown her with my oversupply of milk anyway - but what is the hurt in trying??? 

I had a friend (mother of 4) remind me that none of her babies (however early they arrived) would eat until their actual "due date".  It made me feel better because she still isn't technically due until July 28th.   And Matt reminds me every day to pray for patience.  Eating is the only thing that is keeping me from bringing her home - aaaggghhhh its so frustrating.  And my other kids are not the best eaters either.  Must run in the family.  Although Mattox is way better than Mati Claire.  I was hoping she would take after him... but not only does she look like Mati Claire - but she eats like her too! How did I get so lucky?? lol!  I kid.  

As for the rest of us... Matt has been off almost all month and I love it!  I could totally get used to that! He has been working on house projects/plans that we have procrastinated on way too long, and completing honey-do lists! Mati Claire and Mattox have just been hanging out with Gigi at the house.  True dog days of summer.  I love it.  I am still pumping milk and trying to find a new normal around here.  Or at least make sense of the chaos.  

Here are a few more pics.  
We told Mattox she was in a spaceship like Buzz.  The kids are fascinated by her bed in the pics (but they have not met her yet since they are not allowed in the NICU).  :(  
"Our God is greater, our God is stronger, God you are higher than any other.  Our God is Healer, Awesome in Power, Our God!"  

"You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important."

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Erin said...

Love love love! Got all teary eyed reading this and seeing the beautiful pics. We actually sang that song yesterday. Our God is great. Our God is healer!!!!!

Pamela said...

Girl, I don't think there is a soul out there reading this who is bored with the details!! So happy about these updates!! :)) I'll gladly pray for patience for you!! Right about the same time I ask for some myself!!! Hahaha! Love ya!

Kelly said...

Oh, how I can empathize with the eating frustrations!!! Even though our repair methods were so different, we suffered through very similar problems with Hayes...and much like you, I desperately wanted to just take the natural course and nurse on demand. I vividly remember getting to a point where I was so desperate for him to eat. The doctors had all but said that they wanted to give up and simply tube feed him, but I begged for one last chance with the bottle. I then had a heart-to-heart with Hayes and a massive prayer sent up to God. And it worked! He ate like a champ on the next feed and worked his way up to full feeds in just a matter of days. And you know was just a few days before his due date!! Hoping and praying the same will be true for your sweet girl too!!!