Thursday, April 25, 2013

This and That

This post doesn't really have a point.  Just a little light venting and complaining on my part.

I've been really unhappy with myself lately... mostly for 2 reasons.    

  • A)  I KNOW breastfeeding has alot to do with it...and that is nearing an end soon.  The hormones are still raging a little.  With all 3, I've never really been able to lose weight until I stop nursing.  And now that summer is around the corner...I can't fit in any of my clothes.  I'm like that 'in-between' stage of not needing maternity pants - but not in my regular pre-pregnancy clothes either.  ugh.  its so frustrating.  I just want to feel like ME again.  
  • B)  Sleep.  There were 2 nights where Merritt only woke once (she must have been sick or something because she usually wakes 2-3 times a night).  And on those days,  I ate better.  I felt better.  I had more energy.  I had no idea the effect sleep can cause on you physically...not just the "being tired" all the time.  I have found myself getting dizzy when driving because I think I am that exhausted.  I eat more in an attempt to give me more energy to make it through our regular day then I feel sick because I've eaten too much..healthy food or not.  Vicious cycle.  My other 2 babies slept through the night at a much earlier age (esp. Mattox).  But 9+ months of never having more than 4 hours straight is definitely taking its toll.  

Mostly I hear 2 opinions from people: 

  • And most will argue the breastfeeding thing.  Let me tell you my stance.  If I fix a bottle - that would involve me actually going to the kitchen, fixing it, heating it up, and then giving it to her.  If I nurse, then its ready - and that gives me that much more time to s.l.e.e.p.  I prioritize every single minute.  I can be done nursing in the time that it takes to fix a bottle.  Also if I give a bottle - that would involve me having to do dishes.  Call me lazy...but I try to minimize the dishes if i can possibly help it!  I hate to do dishes.  "Ain't no one got time for that!" ;)
  • Second argument is to "give her a bottle so someone else (aka my hubby) can give it to her and let [you] sleep".  I hear this all the time and I'm not against it, but.....       Ok.      Let me drive up to the hospital in the middle of the night so I can let my hubs give her the bottle.  He works nights.all.the.time.people.  So its just me.  
So in the meantime we've been doing this:
Taking care of eyes.  Chalazion surgery helped - but at our 2 week post-checkup he said it may still take months for it to totally heal. ugh.  

 Playing outside.  "Mista Wheel"  is Mattox's new BFF.  Everyday he wants to play in the dirt or the rock pile.  we are extending our driveway and putting up a retaining wall.. AS WELL as adding on another bedroom/bathroom to our house above the garage.  

Mattox showing you his new favorite outfit:  His suit.  I was just trying everything on for size (why the tie is not tied) but then he would not take it off!  He loves it.  He's so ready to "par-tay" Uncle A-Ron! 

Merritt is 9 1/2 months old...and still not sitting up completely by herself.  If she's got padding around or some type of support - she's fine.  But I can't just put her in the middle of the floor and walk away.  Our pediatrician said we really needed to work on core strength.  I'm thankful we don't have to do physical therapy though.  She's getting there slowly but surely.    So I make her sit up anywhere I can as often as I can.  

 I finally decided to let her try the grocery cart (aka buggy down here in the South). The strap was pulled as tight as it would go and she STILL almost slid out through the leg opening. ha!! She gets tired easily so we eventually had to lay her down sideways..which she still enjoyed.  For all the other MOO's (Moms of Omphaloceles) out there, check out that cow print cover!  I support the O group when I can! :)  

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Sara said...

You have to remember that you are school room mother, do fabulous things for your kids despite that your hubby works all the time, make many trips to the doctor, took four kids to Disney...shall I go on? You are doing all you can with what you have. Do what's easiest for you and what you can to survive this season.

The Clem Family said...

Hi...This is your blog stalker (Amy's sister). That picture of Merritt laying in the buggy is just adorable. From what I hear from Amy, you do an amazing job as a mom even with the lack of sleep! I cannot imagine nine months of not having a full night of sleep...I think I know what you need for your Mother's Day gift!

Pamela said...

I love so many things about this post!!:))))) 1.) YOU know what's best and easiest with your schedule... Keep on keeping on until you know what you need to change! 2.) You know I LOVE a little man in a suit!!! Stinkin adorable!!! 3.) Those candid pics of Merritt are priceless!!! The lounge picture in the cart is my FAV!!! 4.) cart vs buggy!!! Bahahahaha!!! Will calls it a buggy and its home is the buggy corral!!!! Is that not the most hillarious thing you've ever heard!!! I call it the shopping cart and its home is the cart return!!! ������ thanks for the laugh today! Will is gone all weekend on the golf trip thing at the church so I'm doing duty alone. Good times... As I KNOW you can relate, but on a much more exhausting level. Keep on keeping on my friend!