Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A 10 month old Newborn

I promise I am not a serial complainer.  This week has been rough on me.  I got sick again for 2 full days (severe case of vertigo and nausea to the point of curl up in the fetal position and pray the meds will work soon).  Thank goodness it hit BEFORE Matt went to work so he managed to throw the kids in bed and help me out.  I tell ya - when Mommy is sick - the world stops!  And world = house!  I was so dizzy I couldn't even hold Merritt for fear of dropping her or me falling over.  scary.  

Zofran + Meclizine = me.knocked.out.           

Um... Did God answer that prayer for sleep yet again through sickness?  twice in a month.  hmm..

Then Merritt got sick tonight.  She has a really bad cough and just hasn't wanted to eat (like that's unusual).   But then threw up tonight.  :/  

After complaining in the last post - I was reminded how good we have it!  She's not on meds (except Prevacid for acid reflux), she doesn't have any serious problems, we aren't walking around dragging an oxygen tank behind us, we're not feeding through any tube.  We are tubeless.  But here is where I feel like I'm in a marathon.   She doesn't sleep, she doesn't eat much, and if she does eat its every 2-4 hours, she fusses, she cries,  she fusses more, and did I say fussing?  I know when yall see her - she is usually all smiles and never makes a peep.  Just come to my house for about 1 hour though.  She is not like that at all!  


that is all.  not exaggerating.  I feel like she is a 1 year stuck in the body of a 3 month old.  And it drives me insane that I can't fix it.  Yes she is one of the luckier ones and I can't imagine anything else.  

We had the Compassion ministry come to our church last week (look it up online if you get a chance) and we "adopted" 2 children from Indonesia to sponsor.  When I was explaining it to Mati Claire, she didn't quite grasp the concept that some children do not have what she has.  She couldn't even grasp the concept of no clean water - much less the toys and clothes.   And as I was washing the dishes letting plenty of clean water waste...I was reminded that we have it good!  Including Merritt's case!   Stop complaining, Carrie!  
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Erica said...

Ok, I've said this before, and I will say it again. VENT! GET IT OUT, WOMAN! You don't need to stop complaining. Just because some people have it worse doesn't mean you don't have it hard. Not only have you been dealing with intense emotional stress, you've been dealing with insane physical stress, too! Not sleeping? Being sick? I don't know how you aren't just curled up in the fetal position. I am AMAZED by you, and the things you do on a daily basis. So please know that you are loved, you are doing AMAZINGLY, and that it is ok to vent your frustrations on your blog. That's what it's here for. And we need to know the truth about your life and ups and downs so we can know when you need extra support. You are always in my prayers, but I will add some extras for you now.

I love you! You are amazing and strong!