Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just Stop

Someone make it stop please!  

  • sickness.  for the most part, we are usually a pretty healthy group here in the Miley house.  But this week just won't stop!  

  • I finally broke down and took Merritt to the doctor after 2 days of fever, fussiness, and a nasty cough/drainage.  Ear infection!  Believe it or not, this is new to me.  Mati Claire and Mattox have never had ear infections.  This is one in the ear[drum] that did not rupture about a month ago.  Part of me thinks that is never truly healed from last month.  So round 2 of antibiotics - and its day 3 so far of that - 

  • and she is STILL fussy.  What the heck.  Sleeping a little better and nursing much better (she's back to her usual every 3 hours) but she is still pulling her ear and pretty fussy.  And after multiple attempts to start baby food back - she kept gagging (which is actually not normal for her).    So I look in her mouth.... TOOTH #3.  at this rate - she gets an ear infection with every tooth. 

  • Mati Claire's eye/chalazion looks worse to me.  Dr. M said surgery drained it of the "crud" inside...but it may take months to clear up totally.  come.on.   seriously?  make it stop. she's had it for months already.  sooooo beyond ready for that thing to go away.  and poor girl gets the worst looks from people when they see her.  its not contagious i promise.  
  • 3 weeks of school left.  wow.  my baby girl is almost OUT of Kindergarten.  once again: I can't take this much more.  I/We absolutely loved Kindergarten this year - and will truly miss it.  We loved Mrs. Landfair and would take her with us if we could.  
  • I drove Mattox by his new preschool (new to him at least) and showed him where he would be going.  He is so excited to be going to "big school evwy day!"  I will miss having him home with me in the mornings.  Mornings have been our "thing" since he was born.  He is my snuggler and cuddler.  We snuggle on the couch after the mornings have calmed down and watch a few minutes of tv.  we usually end up in a tickle fight or something.  oh how i will miss that time with just him and me.  (mc is at school and merritt is usually napping during this time).   Can't believe my baby boy is starting preschool.   *sniff* :(
  • My calendar for the entire summer is almost full.  I'm already scheduling doctor appointments and dentist appointments around school schedules for NEXT year.  Really?  

Guess I'm having a "stop and smell the roses" or a "full cup" kind of day.  Time is going by too fast to not enjoy these babies while they are this young.  I love these ages - despite my complaints about potty training and tantrums - because they are so sweet, funny, and innocent.   Here was a wonderful surprise Mother's Day Gift from Matt!  A nurse at work did it (chalk painting) from the pics we took back in March.  I LOVE IT!  We think Merritt is the most accurate though.  :)  Awesome!  Thank you, honey!

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Pamela said...

That's a super thoughtful gift!! Go Matt!!