Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mati Claire - age 5!

I wouldn't be a good mommy if I didn't document the last day of Kindergarten for Mati Claire. Its a bittersweet day I guess... more bitter than sweet for me though.  We are SO sad to be leaving Mrs. Landfair's class.  We have loved every minute of it.  Mati Claire has learned more than I ever knew she would in 1 year (more than I did in Kindergarten I think).  Public school proved to be awesome when I had so many concerns before we started.  As much as I would love to keep her in Kindergarten forever, I know she is growing up and I love having a more independent first grader now!  She is a huge help to me now and such a little momma.  Poor Mattox has 2 mothers now.  She has made a few new friends, but I'm still struggling with the fact that Clinton doesn't keep the same kids in the same class from year to year.  She will have an entire new class of friends next year - and only see the friends she made this year at recess or in the cafeteria.  I did not grow up like that so I'm still adjusting.  I had basically the same friends from Kindergarten through 10th grade!  She still misses Claire (her BFF that moved away) and I pray everyday that she will find new friends like that in each new class.  Her best friend is Brooke that we see almost everyday I think - and they are not in class together, so it does prove Clinton right - that you can keep friends forever that aren't in school together.  Right, Erica?  ;)

Anyway, we are looking forward to FIRST GRADE!  I feel like we are turning a corner at my house - I don't have ALL babies in the house now!  The only thing that made yesterday sweeter, is knowing that "I'LL BE BACK!"  Theres a line of Miley's behind Mati Claire!  Hopefully we will have Mrs. Landfair again!  For some reason, I haven't gotten too emotional with MC...she loves it so much and is excited that its hard for me to be sad around her.  I've had a few moments though:

  • Watching her walk inside the school by herself carrying a backpack bigger than she was on the first week of school (=downpour of tears)
  • When she learned to tie her own shoelaces.  Yes, I didn't cry but wanted to.  
  • When she read her first book all by herself.  One of my proudest moments to date.  
  • The last day of Kindergarten.  Why am I crying?  She loves school.  
"I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry"
Ok I cried.  Last day of Kindergarten.  (could possibly be her First Grade teacher holding her hand - hehe ;))  We love our Miss Rachel Miss McFarland! 

I will NOT miss this for approx 2 1/2 months!
So proud of my girl for staying on "green" the entire last 9 weeks!

We changed ballet school this year - and as much as I hate the drive, I was pleased with the end result!  The recital was amazing last night and my little ballerina did great!  They were the "Good Choice" in the story of the Merchant and the Thief.    

Brooke, MC, and Wellsley.   Be still my heart!  Love this one! 

At her "celebration dinner", Jerry's Catfish per her request.  She ate 6 pieces of fish plus some!
She will be 6 soon and that's ALL she talks about. Being a "6th grader" (which she really means a First Grader but she'll be 6 so she's a little confused on technicalities.) 
I love you, Mati Claire!  I am so proud of you!  And I love that you are nothing like me... it keeps me on my toes!  You are hilarious and you keep surprising me! I love you!  post signature

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Erica said...

YES! Lifelong friends are lifelong friends school or not. Sometimes I forget that we never went to school together, cause it felt like we did! Thank goodness for church and dancing!!

Speaking of--THOSE BALLET PHOTOS MAKE ME SWOON!!!! I love MC! She looks like such a little ballerina.

Love y'all!