Sunday, May 12, 2013

Little laughs

I HAVE to share this - and I hope she doesn't mind.  I don't know her, but man she makes me laugh.  For all you moms out there, HERE is a good laugh.  She doesn't read my blog, but I must thank her for helping me get through some of my darkest days, and she doesn't even know it!  Laughter is my therapy.  I think alot of people think I probably don't take things seriously sometimes, but on the contrary - I take them so seriously that I have to laugh to keep myself sane.  

Hoping all you moms had a fabulous day and that it was stress free!  My 3 were very sweet to me ALL day and kept giving me the best homemade cards and plenty of hugs and kisses!  It truly was one of the best Mother's Day ever.  If I could freeze time I would keep them this age forever.  

Merritt is done with antibiotics as of today, and I am hoping she stays well for awhile now.  She gave me a pretty good gift herself:  eating Puffs! So am I the worst mother in the world if I fed her Puffs for dinner since she's anti-babyfood right now?  ;)  

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