Monday, May 20, 2013

Its Almost Here!

that being SUMMER!  Is anyone else's summer calendar FULL already?  How did that happen?  Starting to wonder if I should be thankful we are still in school - because summer looks pretty busy - but fun nonetheless.

It starts off with a bang! MC's ballet recital followed by Matt's birthday followed by his sister's wedding followed by a week at the beach!  As in the words of Phil Robertson, I am "happy happy happy!"  Then VBS, swim lessons, birthday parties, the kids will spend a week at Gigi's (minus Merritt who has 2 doctor appointments that week), and every weekend in between at the lake!  Ah!  Life is good!  Can't wait!

Has anyone else ever had an anorexic baby btw?  Seriously.  She does not LIKE to eat.  She has discovered Puffs (or stars, or whatever you want to call the little dissolvable cracker-type things)... and she has turned her nose up to baby food.  I have to hide the puffs out of sight to get her to eat even a few bites of anything else.  I really shouldn't be surprised - she is identical to Mati Claire (who is the pickiest eater alive).  Guess Mattox has spoiled me in the food department and I seemed to have forgotten what I dealt with when MC was a baby...... oh yeah, now I remember!  Geez - how did I get so lucky to have TWO identical children without having twins?

I had a stranger pass me today - and tell [me] Merritt "Momma just needs to fatten you up!"   um... lets not go there please.  it might get ugly.  I know she was a stranger and she had no clue what we/Merritt has gone through.  But words to the wise:  do not mention weight to strangers!  that's up there with politics, religion, and taxes!  Overweight, underweight, pregnant - just don't let things fly out of your mouth without thinking!  Because you never know what that person is going through!  It's not like I don't realize she is in the 2.88% for weight!  And if you can do a better job at fattening an O baby up - please share your expertise!  lol!!! There are at least 600 other mothers who love to hear as well!  ;)

Ok.  there's my rant for the day.  Let me put my mind back on the summer thoughts.... summer, swimsuits, sand, and sun!

Mitt sporting her first swimsuit!  First day at the pool for a friend's birthday party! I promise you she has a bottom lip....she keeps it tucked all the time.  lol 

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