Thursday, May 9, 2013

10 months old!

Once again, wow!  I really can't believe Mitt is almost 1.  As of today, I'd say she is finally feeling a little better.  I feel like she's had an ear infection for over a month.  I had a few down days this week where I felt like we were back to her earlier days  - and she wouldn't stop crying.  My sister used to work at an Emergency Room, and they use to laugh at mothers who would bring their baby in.... their chief complaint being "baby won't stop crying."  That's what I felt like this week.   Fed, burped, changed, doped and medicined up... and she would not stop fussing.   ever.   

And she slept ~5 hours last night!!! Hallelujah! I'll take it.  

So 10 months old and she weighs 14 lbs. 3 oz on our official baby scale at home.  She is really wearing an assortment of sizes in clothes.  Its strange.  In length, she wears a normal 6-12/9mo/12mo size.  If it's a set where the bottoms are separate, I have to take the waist up or buy a different size short completely (which is hard because alot of baby clothes are sold together).  And now that summer is here, I am having to take the straps up on the shoulders.  So she can wear anything from a 3 month - 12 month depending on what type of outfit it is.  Bubbles and onesies are going over pretty well and true to size.

She pretty much cut out baby food altogether this past month.  I'm shocked her weight didn't fall below 14 lbs.  But we're going to push it harder this month now that she's getting a few new teeth.

Tooth #3 came in a few days ago.  Ugh.. I.hate.teething.  Probably more than they do.

I am beginning to stress/worry about her milestones.  She hasn't really hit any.  Once again, I see ALOT of O babies in the O group - and everyone always boasts about not missing any milestones.  I'm truly happy for them considering what those babies have gone through.  But why hasn't Merritt?  She's not sitting by herself (100%), she's not crawling, she's not eating table food, she's not pulling up, she has no words (except dada), she's not sleeping....  Am I missing something?  My mind goes haywire and wonders if the geneticist missed something.  Surely in ALL the tests that she's had run... she's fine, right?  

Baby #3 and I'm still learning.  They are all different.

Love my punky though.  When she feels good, she is sooo funny.  Loves to laugh and babble.  Really likes her daddy (hence the dada).  Loves to play with big bro and sis... and THEIR toys... yep, baby toys aren't cool enough for her.    Right after this pic below - she took a nosedive on the wood floor and got her first knot on her forehead.  Of course I was holding the camera and couldn't catch her fast enough.  :/  

Happy 10 month birthday,  little Miss Merritt!  

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danielle said...

no stress! she is doing fine, she is just on her own little time table! she is PERFECT!!!!!