Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there - especially the MOO's!

I have the greatest mom ever!  She answers ALL my cooking questions, will tell me what to do still (and I've grown to appreciate that now), listens when I need to her to, answers the phone at 3 am when I'm sick (because you always want your mommy when you're sick - even if she's 8 hours away), and she goes the extra mile ALL the time for me.  She puts up with my insane party planning and helps me with every bit of it.  She's the best Gigi ever!  I would be lost without her.  If we lived closer, I could get her a better Mother's Day present, but its hard since we live far away.... so this year she got her favorite gift card ever:  Starbucks.  ha!  That woman loves her lattes.
I've heard my entire life that I am Gwen's twin!  At least I know what I will look like later!

Sorry its blurry - I had to scan it in, and my scanner does not like us anymore.
And I am blessed to be the mommy of 3 precious babies.  I have learned what real love is and would lay down my own life for them.  I would like to say that they make motherhood easy - but I had no idea just how HARD being a mommy is!  They don't teach that in pharmacy school.   I'm not talking bad about them - they are great.  But I'm still learning patience, the level of responsibility it takes, realizing you have no control, living for the day I can go to the bathroom alone, and then knowing I will yearn for these crazy days all over again one day.  I wouldn't change a thing so far!  They make life worth living.  They make me laugh and surprise me everyday.

And no, I didn't forget you, Paula!  Happy Nana's Day!  I will make it my mission for the next calendar to get some better pics of you (instead of you eating a cupcake).  You raised a mighty fine son I'd say!  So thank you for doing a fantastic job!  Luckily Mother's Day is on a Sunday so you can take the day off and you don't have to cook for us!  :)

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