Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Dark Cloud

I told someone yesterday that we a dark cloud hovering over our house.  I'm really not complaining, just need to vent and the computer takes it pretty well. I'm actually laughing at what else can happen in 1 month time span.  When it rains it pours people.  Ah, but we're having fun while playing in the rain!

1)  Hail storm.  Still recovering from that.  We have to have a total new roof on the piece went then entire way through into the attic.  Luckily I discovered it AFTER it rained.  yeah, it's like that around here. Matt and I both got new windshields, his vehicle is pretty much totaled though.  I had a few good dents...but I'm also still driving around with a massive dent from hitting a deer so what's a few more little dents?  Anyway, back to the reason I'm writing about it - roofers along with the bed/bathroom addition on top of landscape/driveway remodel....its pretty busy around here.  There is constant hammering.  And a giant mess outside.

2)  Disney.  Being out of town just flat out puts me behind on normal housework/chores.  So not only is the outside of my house a mess... so is the inside! hehe

3)  Merritt's eardrum ruptured.  She has not wanted to eat much since.  I will post her 9 month pics in another post and update on her.  But she doesn't let me sleep.  At all.  So not only am I stressed out about mass chaos surrounding me, but I am exhausted.  I found myself getting dizzy while driving the other day taking MC to school... so I prayed for sleep.  Seriously.  I was actually thinking about Merritt while praying -- praying for her to sleep more than 4 hours so I could get sleep.  God answers prayer........(see #4)

4)  The stomach bug.  Yes, God works in mysterious ways!  I prayed for sleep.  It takes a stomach bug to completely put me out of commission and make Matt stay up for over 24 hours straight taking care of all 3 kids and doing house stuff while I slept it off (after the worst part that I won't go into).  Also, a big thank you to my mother-in-law for coming over at 2:00am to keep Merritt away from me.   God also answered prayers in that no one else in the family got the bug.  

5)  Mati Claire has had what we thought was a stye in both eyelids for over 4 months now.  One went away pretty much but the other got worse.  LONG story short and several doctor appointments later, she had surgery yesterday to remove chalazions (click on the word if you like).  Not a stye, but very similar.  It never hurt, itched, or bothered her.  Just very ugly and looked painful.  We found out it could affect her vision if left longer (hoping that it might go away on its own).  But after 4 months, 2 antibiotic treatments... no luck.  The doctor wanted to wait until summer, but with swimming lessons, beach trip, ballet recital, a wedding...I didn't want to wait any longer.  So surgery went well.  Recovery was stressful, but I won't go into all that.  All that matters is that she is doing much better today.  Here are a few pics of that process!  

About 24 hours later!  Still swollen and bruised, but doing great!
6)  Mattox.  Say no more.  Lately, he has been my ray of sunshine... when he's not peeing in the floor. He brings laughter into every situation!  Along with his boots, bow and arrow, camo, Superman cape, dinosaur toys, and Batman big boy underwear....if he's not naked.

Super Mattox to the rescue! 

7)  And I can't leave out Easter!!!  Yes, I'm that far behind!  Like every Sunday, we were running late as usual, so this is the only family pic I got at lunch.  He is risen indeed!  Knowing my Savior, Jesus Christ, is the only reason I can get through most days!

Despite the rest of the kids coordinating in purple, I HAD to dress Mitt in MC's first Easter dress and bonnet.  I couldn't resist.  I love bonnets.  So I will do a comparison.  Here is Mati Claire in the same dress in 2008:
Flashback:  Family Easter picture 2008!
It was raining and the MC was "protecting" Mattox from the rainstorm... yes, they are just a little traumatized by all the bad storms we've had lately!  
  Ok, we'll that flashback pic made me realize just how old and aged I am.   Wow.  What kids will do to ya, right?

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Sara said...

It's funny how even MC and Mitt's hair in the front is the same! Hope you get some non-sick rest soon!