Friday, March 29, 2013

Disney World 2013

Last Disney trip, I may or may not have been pregnant with Merritt.  I ended up catching strep throat which triggered a psoriasis flare-up.  We had fun, but I didn't feel well needless to say!

THIS trip was going to make up for it!  We took my parents and one of my nieces, Kennedy, with us since she was on her Spring Break... and gave Mati Claire someone to play with.  It was a shorter trip since we had Merritt with us, so we cut Epcot.  

Mitt's first plane ride!  She played the entire trip there and slept the entire way back.
And this was only the beginning! Like Father Like Son!
Friday - we arrived in Orlando and went to eat at Chef Mickey's.  We stayed at the Contemporary Bay Lake Tower so the restaurant is there in the hotel.  We needed convenience when traveling with a group of 8 and 2 double strollers! 
At Chef Mickey's
Saturday - Magic Kingdom!  The train ride is always a hit with Mattox.  He was a happy camper and stayed in the stroller most of the time.  He didn't scream this time when he saw a celebrity, but still kept his distance (excluding Buzz and Woody).  We checked out the new Fantasyland part of MK which was good.  Mati Claire made sure she told Ariel that she had a mermaid birthday party last year.  It was so sweet to see them get nervous and shy around a "celebrity"!

The kids got to be part of the "Enchanted Tales with Belle" (from Beauty and the Beast) where they get to act out parts in a play.  Mati Claire was the horse, Phillipe, and Kennedy was Mrs. Potts.   It was really cute!  Even Mitt got to take her picture with Belle at the end!  Be.Still.My.Heart. So precious.

We had dinner at the new "Be Our Guest" Restaurant aka the Beast's Castle.  I would not recommend "the west wing" room for kids under 10.  Mati Claire was ok with it but kept asking why it was thundering and lightening the entire time (loudly I might add).  And just like in the movie, it was dark and gloomy in the west wing.  She wanted to eat in the ballroom where it was snowing.  But I loved it all.  Neat place.  

"Try the grey stuff.... it's delicious!"  
Sunday - Animal Kingdom!  We knew the rain was coming, so we were prepared with our ponchos and umbrellas.  We had breakfast at the Tusker House Donald's Safari - which is our ALL-time favorite restaurant there.  The food is the best and has the best variety.  The rain held off for most of the day.  But then we knew it was getting close, so decided to call it a day - and head back to the hotel via bus. We made it to the parking lot when the bottom fell out.  Obviously we thought we would make it all the way back so we didn't have our raingear on.  The bus driver showed no mercy and parked as far away as he could.  Matt had Merritt in the BabyBjorn and he took off running.  My dad carried Mattox.  Mom and I had both girls and 1 of the double strollers. I've seen rainstorms - but never been physically IN a storm like this!  It was very frightening and the kids were screaming/crying! Needless to say we were S.O.A.K.E.D.  We could not see to walk.  We almost couldn't breathe.  We couldn't put one foot in front of the other.  I couldn't hold on to anything.  Mati Claire slipped out my hand.  It blew my 50+ lb double stroller around like it was nothing.  The wind and rain were coming from every angle.  Definitely something we won't forget. 

We found out later it was a tornado watch.  And 86 mph winds!  I can't say much for the employees of the Contemporary.  They offered towels  at the door but I never saw one.  They told us we couldn't stand at the employee entrance that was closer to the bus stop...we had to keep moving.   

Traumatized.   I fear MC's reaction to the next rainstorm.

Hail Storm.  then Rain Storm.  Lord, please make it stop...

We spent the rest of the day in our hotel doing laundry, recuperating, and drying out.  I still give the hotel an B grade despite their employee issues during the storm.  They need better signs designating elevators for the monorail and they need to push their time for their outdoor musical to 9 instead of 10:15 PM!  We couldn't sleep a few nights due to the loud music outside.  But still happy with everything overall.

"Yeah, I'm going on safari!"  (Her first time in the BabyBjorn carrier)
this was after the storm.  he stayed in the bed trying to warm up for at least 30 minutes. and never moved from this position.  
trying to recover from the storm = ROOM.SERVICE!  Look at mom - she looks a little worn out after that!  But I didn't tell Kennedy that I ordered her this:
a "Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwich" .  Very cool.  She was just a little excited, can you tell?
Monday - Hollywood Studios!  Mattox perked up when I told him we were going to see the Toy Story characters.  Lawd have mercy that boy loves Toy Story.  By this day, my camera had gained 10 pounds and I think we were all tired.  So we kept it short.  

A boy and his horse!

The only character he ever touched.

Monday night - Matt and I went to the Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat game.  See previous post, but here are a few pics.

Look! Matt has his eyes open in this pic!  
Lebron James, Ray Allen, Chris Bosch, Shane Battier

We had a great time but it's good to be home! 

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Sara said...

Looks like fun. I'll be getting your Disney tips soon. I hope to be taking the kids in the fall.

Heather Handley said...

We couldn't have skipped Epcot...I'm positive that K and K liked it best last year!!

Mom said...

Toy Story Mania is the best ride, even if they are not Toy Story fans.