Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Did What?

WHY would I take my 8 month old with us to Disney World, you ask?

There's a really good reason (I think).  I'll cut straight to the point:  When I was pregnant with her and we found out about her omphalocele....I was on rock bottom.  I've mentioned before that I read the book "I Will Carry You"  by Angie Smith (awesome book btw), and finally somebody "got" what I was going through!  Although we had different circumstances, we had many of the same.  When something that horrible happens, your first instinct is to RUN.AWAY.  All you want to do is escape the reality.  You think its a bad dream.  For some people, abortion might be their way of getting away from a certain situation.  For others, Disney World is a popular first thought .... after all its the happiest place on earth, right?  I remember begging Matt to take me to Disney or the beach or anywhere but here!  In Angie Smith's case, she got there and realized she couldn't escape her reality - it went with her.  You can't run away from it.  In my case, I honestly couldn't go anywhere when I was pregnant because I had doctor's appointments every 2-3 days.   So I made a promise to myself that when all was said and done.... we would go to Disney World again soon (we just went about 18 months ago).

It was a mini celebration for all of us.  We felt like a normal family again.  And Merritt did GREAT!  I was really worried when her eardrum ruptured that she would not travel well, but Dr. Russell assured me that it would be fine.  She slept through most of it.  And danced through the rest.  (dancing is her new "thing" lately and I must say its hilarious).

#2)  Mine and Matt's "thing" is basketball.  NBA usually.  Sometimes football or baseball games will work for us, but its usually basketball.  

Back-story:  Matt and I had only been dating about a month when I decided to surprise him with a fun date to Memphis.  He had been doing rotations all over the U.S. major cities and had been going to games trying to see Michael Jordan... with no luck.  (yes I realize we are old now).  MJ's team, the Wizards, were playing the Memphis Grizzlies so I thought that would be one more chance to see him play.  If you're not a basketball fan, that was about the time he was retiring for good.  Of course, he was not expected to play - but we were excited anyway.  We got there, I surprised Matt with the tickets - and I had never seen him so happy!  Got to the game - and Michael Jordan ended up playing almost the entire game!! He did end up retiring after that season for good.  Long story short - we somehow kept going back to Memphis to watch a certain player (usually on the visiting team) every year.  We started getting tired of Memphis, and began branching out.   San Antonio, New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas for an NBA All-Star game...

....and now Orlando! We pick a player that we want to see.  Some of our must see's are the famous ones:  Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan obviously, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Tim Duncan, Blake Griffin, (I've always been a DUKE fan so my picks tend to be towards those alums) Shane Battier, Grant Hill;  and many others that you probably wouldn't know.  This time we wanted to see LEBRON!  Lebron James.  I really didn't want to go to Miami - and their tickets are harder to get since they won the title last year.  They just happen to be playing Orlando while I was planning the trip!!! 

And FYI ... Matt and I got engaged soon after that date.  ;)

I'll post the Disney pics tomorrow - too tired to upload on the computer tonight.   

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