Saturday, March 9, 2013

Monkey'in around


When I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted - he didn't care.  But he was/is obsessed with monkeys.  And all he ever said was "monkey cake! monkey cake!"....but then about 3 weeks ago, he said he wanted a Batman party = too late to change plans.  I knew I didn't want jungle safari monkeys, or mod monkeys, or sock monkey - I wanted plain monkeys.  It ended up being more "Barrel of Monkey" type theme.   But he loved it and was very happy with it.  I have a gut feeling that we will be doing the superhero theme next year though. 

Yall know I love cuteness.  Matt thinks I can't refrain from doing any parties next year - but my goal is to take a break from parties next year since all 3 are getting parties this year.

I experiment when doing birthday parties...not all of it is from Pinterest.  What did I learn this time?

  • DUCK TAPE IS NOT REALLY THAT STICKY!  Who knew that Duck tape doesn't stick to tissue paper? For real.... 
  • I also learned how to make banana pudding!!  How is it possible that I've never made this before? yummo.
  • Command strips are awesome.  They can hang/hold anything (even beyond their weight limit)
I did not post any pics of the jumper - mainly because the kids were always moving so fast, none of them turned out great.  But they jumped and jumped and jumped some more.  "Monkeys jumpin on a bed!"
ooh ooh ee ee - he's 3!!!
(Matt going against my insanity and choosing to wear non-party colors). 

"Monkey munch", banana chips, banana candy sticks
(was a little disappointed the bakery put PINK cheeks on a boy cake)
My fave of the party.  Banana pudding with the cutest wooden spoons ever!
Thank you, Amy - for making these for me!! You are awesome!  love it! yummy in my tummy!

Barrel of lemonade and a barrel of chocolate milk.  Why does the lemonade look green? 

Madness I say!

His best pal, Matthew!

Party favors: Barrel of monkeys and bags of banana Runts
My first wreath!

It does not get any sweeter than this! She LOVED the monkey pops! She is precious!!!
Macy Kate, where did you go? ;)  Mattox may have found a new friend-girl...oh sweet Emory wore her monkey dress!
...Partied out...still holding her balloon
3 little monkeys
His present from Gigi and Poppy

AND A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!  whew. i'm tired.

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danielle said...

love love this!!! so very cute!

Anonymous said...

What did you use for the cups of lemonade and chocolate milk? They look just like barrels and are adorable?

Carrie said...

I bought the kids' juice called "Hugs" (should be in any grocery store' juice aisle next to CapriSuns, etc) . I emptied the bright and colorful disgusting juice and washed the cups (and removed aluminum foil caps). Wrapped bakers twine around each and filled with either sugar-free lemonade or chocolate milk! I hated to spend the money on pouring out the Hugs… but I do what I have to do when I get an idea. ha!