Monday, March 4, 2013

Another First

Merritt got her first tooth today!!! I think I'm more excited about this tooth than any other.  Maybe because everything she does is such a miracle to me.  We could be dealing with so much more health-wise, that I told myself I need to quit complaining about the lack of sleep.  But I was absolutely SHOCKED when she bit on my finger and I felt something sharp!  Did not see it coming.    

I see I haven't blogged in awhile...i have been busy being Homeroom mom! and chauffeur to Mati Claire and Mattox.  Dr.Seuss week day was last Friday...and it is a big deal at her school!  
blue jello with candy fish

"green eggs and ham" pretzels

Yink drinks pink ink! (pink lemonade)

Not quite as proud of these - I ran out of frosting, so the "hair" isn't quite as tall as it should be.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

And you see my hand made plates and utensil bundles.  I am proud of those. ;)
And then I've been super busy working on Mattox's birthday party stuff... but those pics will come later! He is SO excited  about turning 3! Me? not so much.

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MOM said...

You are definitely a chip off the old block. Love the party stuff!!! P-A-R-T-Y must be the middle name in this family. And MERRITT------ A TOOTH!! So proud of you-you're doing all the regular things, but we love to hear about them.