Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh Hail, No.

haha.  a little humor in the midst of a really weird day.

My father-in-law moved his pharmacy into a new building this past weekend and today was the Grand Opening!  I desperately needed to get Mitt more Tylenol so decided I would go check it out and see how they were doing on the first day.  It wasn't even raining when I got there, but we thought the roof was going to come off ... it was SO loud.  H.A.I.L.  The biggest hail I've ever seen!  Naturally our cars  have severe damage or perhaps no windshield at all anymore...ugh.  It goes nice with my huge dent from hitting a deer a few weeks ago.  My house has some good roof damage.  At the rate our new addition is going up... it might get fixed in about 2 years.

I found myself wishing I had been home during the hail storm so maybe my car would not have been hit..................oh wouldn't have mattered - I don't have a garage at the moment.  I think our entire house was built faster than this addition.  Matt's car has massive hail damage and also a busted windshield.  All day I keep seeing glass repairmen secretly yelling "YES!"  in my mind.  

I saw mostly marble all the way up to tennis ball size... and few had baseball sized hail.  Unbelievable.

Mississippi weather: Have mercy.  We are thankful tonight for safety... cars and the roof can be fixed.  

Parkway Pharmacy's delivery car. :(

Swiped this pic off FB.  
The entrance to my neighborhood.
My driveway.
My back porch.
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Chantay Smithingell said...

Despite all the things that need to be fixed, you must be grateful that you and your family were safe. Also, it’s good to know that your roof can be fixed. It’s more practical than replacing it with a new one. Nevertheless, you still have to make sure that the work’s spot on. But I think one thing that you need to prioritize is your front car glass. You certainly couldn’t drive with a damaged windshield.

Joanne Barragan said...

Oh my, those are so huge, Carrie! They have the same size as my tennis balls! I can't imagine myself being struck with those; it will be an easy entry to the gate of heaven! Anyway, I wish your roof hasn’t given up already, and I guess Chantay's right, you should prioritize your damaged windshield first.

Joanne Barragan

Lino Kosters said...
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Mariam said...

Good job on doing maintenance work on your roof, Richard. Many sometimes neglect their responsibility to keep their roof in mint condition and are left dumbfounded when problems arise. Covering your flue with a mesh is an effective way to prevent birds from nesting in it. Your hot water pipes definitely needed replacement, which is what you did accordingly. Just be careful when you're up on the roof though. :)
Mariam Freame

Lino Kosters said...

Well, it is a good thing the structure is intact. How’s the roof now, by the way? Hope that’s been fortified for these rather recurrent hailstorms.

Lino @ Arrys Roofing