Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scar Cream

Yep.  I'm blogging about a scar cream.  wow.  how my days have changed.  :/

Sorry, these pics were both taken with my iPhone, in my bedroom - with the poorest lighting ever = not great quality.  But the first pic was taken 2 months ago in early January and the second was taken today. 

My father-in-law is also a pharmacist and he went to a convention (was that the one in Vegas??? only he would go to Vegas and actually attend the conferences - ha!) and he came back talking about a specific lecture he heard on a new prescription scar cream.  Oh the conversations we have at our dinner table between medical family members!  ;)  And he, being the totally awesome compounding pharmacist that he is + my doctor of a hubby who wrote the rx, made Merritt this scar cream.  I was a little hesitant to use it in the beginning because the scar is literally ON her liver (that bulge you see is her herniated liver) plus her age plus I assumed it would be greasy and leave stains on her clothes.  Nope.  None of the above.  Its awesome.  And I know my FIL and hubby would never give her something that could cause a potential problem.  No worries there.  

It has definitely decreased the redness and made it smoother overall.  I'm hoping the surgeon will not have to open her back up and he is hoping he can do it laparoscopic (where they will just insert tubes through smaller holes sort of like the way they remove gallbladders now or normal hernias!).

We're still using it, just wanted to share the progress in 2 months.  Its a compounded cream, with several ingredients.... don't think it has an actual name yet.  or maybe it does and i'm failing as a pharmacist here.  

Ok. I won't blog about creams about anymore. Although I'm thinking about using it on my C-section scar now.  Don't think there's enough cream in the world to cover up my barcode down there. 

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danielle said...

thats amazing!!!! her belly looks so good! someday our girls arent going to love us showing off their bellies. but until then, i will continue to show off her $100,000 belly button. :)

Carrie said...

M's belly button looks awesome!! Worth every penny because it looks genuine! Keep showing it off. I thought about you today...have alot of q's for you but will message you later. Hope y'all are doing well!