Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hopping to catch up

Now that his party is over, I am finally catching up from the last month.  Seriously - I've done whatever to get by for weeks, so Spring Break is here - its Spring cleaning time! or in my case, just cleaning up.   I have spent the past 3 days doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, ironing, packing up, reorganizing, obviously catching up on blogging, and planning some things for the weeks to come!  

Couldn't resist reposting these - they are so darn cute!  Happy Easter (early) from Merritt.  She has finally reached my favorite stage:  the 6 month age (even though she's 8 months old).  She's a little "chubby" (for her), still stationary, laughs at absolutely everything, has the 2 cutest front bottom teeth, the hair does its own thing, and well just down right adorable overall. 

I thought the drive down to Byram was worth it, don't you think? ;)  Not sure the bunny would agree after almost losing his ears to an 8 month old.   But he was a trooper for the sake of a cute pic.  

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