Friday, March 8, 2013

He's 3!

Mattox.  My sweet baby boy is 3 tomorrow!!!  I don't care how old he is, he will al.ways. be my baby boy. Lately I have been soaking in the snuggling and cuddling time with him... because I know its short-lived.  There will be a day when he doesn't want to sit on the couch with me, or give me a hug or kiss.  And  I tell everyone he can be one of those really creepy old men who still live at home with their momma...i don't care! i kid ;)  He's going to Hinds and can live at home while in college - this boy is never leaving me! (again, i'm kidding).  Seriously,  he is growing up so fast.  He has been mistaken as my 4 or 5 year old many times.  He's been wearing some size 4's for many months = very tall.  But he gets that honest.  

Raising a boy was a foreign subject at one time.  I had no idea just how B.A.D. they can be but at the exact same time be the sweetest most loving little cuddly thing ever!  Mattox overall is a sweetheart!  He is nice to everyone except Mati Claire.  hehe.  He is a sweet big brother and pistol of a little brother. 

I try not to compare them... and honestly I can't - because they are so different.  But I had to laugh at Mati Claire the other night when she asked me, "Momma...why does Mattox mind better than I do?"  (obviously she needs to work on a few things):

Mattox is very easy-going, laid-back, minds for the most part, RARELY throws fits (and I'm not kidding), very lovable, hilarious, usually pretty quiet, and is the most SHY little boy I've ever seen! It takes him a LONG time to warm up to a new environment or new people.  But once he does, he's more talkative (hmmm...reminds me of someone else I know).   He loves to give hugs! 

The one thing that people comment on him without fail ---- is.his.HAIR.  Boy does he have some hair!  Ladies, I can assure he will not go bald when he gets older.  I call it the "Hypercolor hair" - he literally has about 10 different shades.  Sometimes I call it the "Bieber" hair right before he gets a haircut.  I can't even describe his hair sometimes.  Curly at times, straight at others.  Its blonde Its brown.  Its short its long.  

He is potty trained (during the day).  He still has a few accidents but that's usually at night when he gets tired.  He wears a diaper overnight.  Fine by me.

But when did this happen? Someone please stop the clock!  Make him stay 2 forever!!!!!! 


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