Saturday, August 10, 2013

Change can be good!

Loving all the changes around here lately! I promise I will stop talking so much about the kids, but I'm just so excited for this new school year!

Mati Claire was blessed to get her babysitter dear friend, Miss Rachel I mean Ms. McFarland for her first grade teacher!  ;)  The blessings continue because not only did we get the teacher we wanted, but she also has MANY friends in her class this year that she already knows.  If you aren't familiar with CPS, the students will have a whole new class every year and normally won't have the same friends from the year before.  There are 850 students at her school this year (421 of those being Kindergartners), and there are 16 first grade teachers.  So we had a 1 in 16 chance of getting who we requested!  We are beyond thrilled and so excited for this school year! I will post a pic of her after the first day Monday!

Mattox-man is starting 3 year old preschool next week.  My boy is 3 going on 13 I think.  He seems to be the one I can't make time stop for.  I say this lightly, but seriously... there have been days where I wish he would stay 3 forever.  I love that he will wear his dinosaur pajamas, Superman or Batman shirt, cowboy boots, camo shorts, with an IronMan mask wherever we go.  He got a good friend of ours, Mrs. Kim, for his teacher.  Look at his baby face here!

Miss Merritt.  She is just a different child since her first birthday!  I can't say enough about her lately!  She has really blown my mind the past month.  Not only did she start crawling scooting, but she is eating table food like crazy, and SLEEPING 12 HOURS AT NIGHT IN HER OWN CRIB!  I feel like she is ----wait----do I say it?-----------n.o.r.m.a.l.           yep.   normal for the first time in her life.  She is drinking whole milk with no problems (but I still nurse her twice a day) and she has just come alive the past few weeks!  I'm loving this "new" Merritt.  She keeps life interesting and definitely keeps us on our toes! (not that I didn't like her before - but she is so happy lately.  I'm happy if she's happy!)

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Anna said...


Brooke will be in Ms. McFarland's class too. However, we only know one other kid in the room! Brooke is super nervous about that. I hope the girls can become good friends!