Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One of These Kind of Days

I'm selling his old Wolf Halloween costume from last year - and a lady asked me how it fit - so I had to try it on him again.  He has now fulfilled his duty of being a BIG brother!  Scaring Merritt to death!  He is usually very nice to her, but he loved torturing her!  Bless it.  She will never be happy in Disney World now thanks to him.  ;)  #scarredforlife

I've had the same expression on my face as Merritt everyday this week being surrounded by insane parents in the car rider line at MC's school.  Speaking of scared for your life!  Apparently not everyone passed Drivers Education in high school.  tempers blazin-road rage-i will bump your nice Lexus with my deer dented hail damaged swagger wagon if you cut me in line again!  Rules, people, rules!!!  Get up earlier like the rest of us!  Are you teaching your children to cheat their way through life as well?  There are several of us who have to say a special prayer every morning for God to control our emotions, give us patience, and judge the wrong!  

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