Saturday, September 6, 2008

First Day of School

We were all so proud yesterday. Mati Claire had her first day of "school" (according to me), but Matt says its just "daycare." Unfortunately I had to work, so Matt got her up, fed her breakfast, gave her a bath, got her dressed (with a bow in her hair I might add), packed her up in the car, and got her to Mother's Day Out (on time I might add). And then I made him take pictures of her. Miranda got to pick her up. So I missed everything!

I have a feeling that she might be in the wrong class. She came home and was CRAWLING! She totally skipped that part 8 months ago. She has never really crawled...until yesterday. Then she was in a "jumperoo" thingy when Miranda picked her up. #1: she's too heavy for that and #2: isn't she too old for that??? Luckily, I am taking her next week so I will have some questions for the new teachers. Gosh, I'm already "that mom." We were looking forward to playing with Jack but they aren't in the same classroom. :( I wasn't there so I could be misunderstanding the whole situation. We'll see next week.

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY, MIRANDA!!!! Thank you for babysitting all weekend! MC appreciates it too! MC is 14 months old now!

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