Friday, September 26, 2008


I am so upset right now that I can barely think straight. I am pulling Mati Claire out of Mother's Day Out at First Baptist after today. Does anyone see a change here in these pictures besides me?

The one on the left is from before, and the right is from today:

I believe I missed her first haircut. I couldn't even think of what to say when I picked her up. I just wanted someone to say "Yes I did it and I'm sorry." But no! The teachers say they didn't do it. How could another child do that? If so, it's negligence (sp?) . If they only knew the heartache this has caused. After hours of crying and a few phone calls to and from the Director, we are pulling her out. This is after all, the third "incident" we've had. I was still left wondering if she was even in the right class to begin with, then they sent me a bill stating I had not paid when I did, and now this.

I am BEGINNING to calm down a little. Matt has reassured me that it's just hair and it will grow back (not before Christmas pictures I'm sure). By the way it barely fits into her bows now. She was not physically harmed and that's the most important thing. The only thing that makes this whole ordeal okay for the moment is this sweet smile staring back at me right now.



Carly Winborne said...

Oh, there was some cutting going on, there's no doubt about it. The more and more I've been thinking about it, the madder and madder I am getting. Someone just needs to fess up!!!

Jeanelle said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Someone took scissors to Mati Claire's hair, yet NOONE saw it or remembers doing it?

That's a crock of crap right there.
I'd be pissed, too!