Monday, September 29, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Baptist

Check out my little yellow M&M spider! I knocked his web down once and it was back up the next day. Weird, never seen one like that. But he likes our front yard. MC wore her Itsy Bitsy Baptist bib yesterday! so cute.

It has taken me 15 months, but I can finally admit that MC looks like me! Mini-Carrie! Maybe it's the haircut...not sure. I'm feeling better with each new day. Yesterday I was over the hair and just a really ticked off mother hen. Today, I'm not even sure if I should deliver that letter. I wrote a letter to the pastor of FBC, basically stating what happened, how mad I am, and warning him that I was writing a Letter-to-the-Editor of the Clinton News. I still feel like someone should be punished for this. And if no one will confess, then I feel like everyone should be punished by public humiliation. Thought about letting it go, but it could have been something worse and if so, how could I let that go? That would be like standing up for some things and not standing up for others. My problem now is their reaction and attitude towards the whole thing. Just denying it, saying 'oh-well, we didn't do it.' I never got a sincere apology. If they did, I was too distraught to hear it. This is not getting pushed under the rug. So I will deliver the letters and be done with it.

I'm trying not to think about it and move forward! So we're going to buy some new fall decorations today! Carly and I went shopping Saturday and we got some of the most adorable children's outfits! I needed that! :) MC has discovered her new "chair" on the stairs (above picture). She'll sit there for hours...just sitting.

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Tina said...

Rebecca has some bloomers that have "Itsy Bitsy Baptist" embroidered on the tush. So cute. She's outgrown them though. Girl, shopping makes everything a little better. I call it "retail therapy."