Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Weekend

I don't have a new picture to post so I'm posting one that my friend Erin just sent to me from Sydney's birthday party last week. So cute. She loves to color! Thanks, Erin!

Matt surprised me with a 30th birthday dinner at Biaggi's. Our entire family joined us for a great time! It was a big nice surprise to see everyone there! I share my birthday with MLK so everyone was out of school for a long weekend. It's been crazy around here with birthdays, holiday weekend, President inauguration, company coming-and-going, and MC:

MC gave me a wonderful gift of teething again! She has had severe diarrhea for 3 days now. Poor thing won't eat anything but seems to be in a good mood as long as the Motrin is there. We're living off Gatorade and crackers around here! We also found out that her diaper ointment was burning her behind on top of the diarrhea, so she's beginning to feel better (i hope). She has never had diarrhea before believe it or not. So I find myself shocked and not knowing what to do (not much I've learned). We ask her what hurts and she just puts her hand in her mouth. Poor baby!
I hope everyone had a great long weekend and has an even better week! Who's 30? Not me! I turned 29 (again).


Tyanne said...

Happy Birthday (late)! I am battling to stomach bug myself so I thought about you yesterday but didn't make it to the phone. Glad you had such a fun party!! Hope MC cuts those teeth soon, poor Sarah is still working on eye teeth!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday! Yeah, I'm not 30 either. I'm 20+10!

Carly Winborne said...

i didn't even realize it was your birthday! i'm so sorry!! hope you enjoyed your day!

Erica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARRIE! Much much love to you!

I can't freaking wait for 30. I say, bring it. In fact, when people ask now how old I am, I already say 30.

Yay for a new decade!


The Funny Farm said...

HAPPY REALLY LATE BIRTHDAY! I totally agree with the jump into geriatrics! Don't do it! You will always be 18 to me~ Love you!