Sunday, January 11, 2009

Progress Report

I think I now look at our pediatrician as my therapist. I just unloaded on him with our so-called problems (overall these are not really problems in the big scheme of things but rather inconveniences for me). Dr. Russell told me to stop forcing foods (no surprise there). He said if she wants vanilla wafers for the next 4 years - give them to her. Obviously keep offering her fruit and veggies, but he tried to explain and stress the fact that kids just don't think like adults do (it's hard for me to grasp this concept because I don't understand their lack of rationalization). However, if I hadn't forced bananas, then she still wouldn't be eating them today. Eating has never been 'fun' around here (at least for MC) and I'm going to make it my resolution to change that. I know she doesn't like the healthy stuff, but that's my job! My job is to make sure she's healthy as she can be. She weighs 27 lbs 11 oz and is in the 90% across the board. She's such a big girl - you wouldn't think she doesn't eat very much. She's getting all of her canines/eye-teeth in! She also got 1 vaccine, so she's been a little fussy since Friday.

MC enjoyed herself at Sydney's 2nd Birthday party in Vicksburg! She had a "wild" time and even stuck her finger in the icing (without me forcing it). They had the cutest monkey and giraffe cupcakes I have ever seen! Erin did you make those yourself? I managed to get about 3 pictures before the camera died and got to catch up with people I haven't seen in years!

I'm going to a Pilates class tomorrow. Pray for me while I embarrass myself! It's not like dieting isn't torture enough, now I'm going to workout in front of some very fit women. MC is helping me out with my diet. I fix my plate (of whatever diet food I found hidden away) and she eats half of it......leaving me with HALF of my diet dinner. So I apologize to anyone who heard my stomach growling in church this morning!


Tyanne said...

You will do fine at Pilates....that natural dancer grace will come out!
Sam is existing on grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and mac & cheese for the majority of his sustenance!

erinhern said...

Nope, not me! Holly and Amanda made them. I had a few monkeys leftover that I am taking to her school tomorrow since it's actually her birthday. Glad ya'll came yesterday!

The Family Bond said...

My boys will NOT eat ANY veggies. They used to, but now refuse. They are surviving on mostly carbs, ravioli (out of a can), pb&j, chicken nuggets, fruit grain bars, 1 likes Mac n cheese while the other refuses it. Somehow, they continue to gain weight and grow. My pediatrician told me...they will eat when they are hungry and let them eat whatever they want within reason. He said their tastes will continue to change as they grow older and will continue to like something one and refuse it the next. Yes, it's very frustrating especially when I've spent the time cooking a meal they ate last week but refuse it this week. You are definitely not alone.

AMANDA said...

Mati Claire is so cute. Why in the world do your need to diet??? :)