Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a Roar!

Have you ever done something so stupid you wondered if you should even tell your husband? Or anyone else for that matter? Well, it was so funny that I have to laugh at it...and I'm sure I'll be hearing about this the rest of my life.

Yesterday, I decided to use my birthday gift from Matt and get my massage and pedicure. I was so excited that I had a babysitter lined up (love you Rachel Mc) and several errands to run across town. So I grabbed some lunch and headed for my appointment. The massage was wonderful but you know it leaves marks and lines on your face afterwards (from the face pillows). I'm assuming everyone has had a pedicure before, so you know that you leave wearing these ugly fluorescent yellow disposable paper-thin sandals and your pants pulled up like high-waters so you don't mess up your freshly painted toes (which I don't like the fall colors when it comes to polish). So I get done and I head to the other side of Brandon where my Lincoln Navigator's mirror is ready to be picked up. I'm in a rush (as usual) because Rachel Mc has to leave by 4 and it's 3:15, I'm still in Brandon, so I don't have time to put my shoes on. I see the sign for the Ford dealership and turn in. I'm wearing no makeup, lines on my face, and my pants pulled up to my knees with my disposable flip-flops and I practically waddle and run into the front door. I stopped just as I walked in. I look up at all the people staring at me and my feet. I don't say a word for about 30 seconds. I see the words "CHEVROLET" staring back at me. I keep standing there just wondering to myself. Then it dawned on me that I don't drive a Chevy....I drive a Ford! Without saying a word, I turn around and walk out feeling the stares in the back of my head. Not only did I bring unwanted attention to myself by my appearance ...... but I did it in the WRONG place! Complete embarrassment! I finally made it to the Ford dealership practically next door to the Chevy place. Matt is never going to let me live this one down!

Through blog browsing I came across a very interesting site. I may get the book if I can find it. Check out Christian Women Online. (that's not the homepage though).

Mati Claire has made huge leaps in the last 2 days. She has decided to HELP me do EVERYTHING! She helps me clean windows, vacuum, put groceries in the car from her buggy seat, and finally learned how to put trash in the waste basket (the proper way)!!!!! She's obsessed with animals but lately she keeps asking about the ones that don't really make sounds or noises. What does the hippo say? What does a giraffe say? What does a rhino say? Does anyone have suggestions on these? And the turtle? I keep telling her that these are very quiet animals and they say "ssshhh". But the funniest is the lion. She brings me a lion and says "It's a roar!!!!" Yesterday was a roar for me.


Tyanne said...

I want to borrow that book if you get it! It sounds hilarious!
A lot of animals in our house roar just out of simplicity of the answer!!

Sara said...

Ha! That's hilarious! It's even funnier that didn't you explain and just walked out. Too funny!

Erica said...

That is awesome. Yes, I love that you just stood there and the walked out!


The Rushing Family said...

We had such a great time at the Super Bowl party! thank you so much for opening up your BEAUTIFUL home to all of us! Everytime we leave your house Marc goes through a list of "did you see's"? He is always, "Cari did you see their moulding? Did you see the ceiling in the half bath? Did you see their faucet?" I think he even mentioned your toilet and how it flushes! HA! Your house is goregous and so is Mati Claire! I think Marc wants to talk to Matt about an arranged marriage between she and Walker! HA! She was so good in the nursery on Sunday! I hate we had to leave the party early! Thanks again! We had too much fun!