Friday, January 16, 2009

Hangin Around

We're just playing and hanging out around here lately. Our neighbor JA came over for a playdate yesterday morning, and they had such a good time talking and laughing! They both seemed to get quiet as long as I was in the room, so I peeked around the corner to watch them. Adorable. Pretending to drink tea and playing so nice!

Then my parents brought Kennedy down with them for a whole week! I have finally seen a 'pro' or a 'plus' in my book when it comes to having more than 1 child! MC is not stuck to my leg or a shadow behind me. It has been wonderful. So wonderful that I find myself not knowing what to do! (Trust me, I found things to clean and do around the house unfortunately)

Since my parents were coming to visit, I decided to cook a big dinner for everyone last night. Instead of number scale, Matt and I use a "do you 'like it' or 'love it'?" scale. I guess you could throw in a 'hate it' too. I have NEVER received a "love it". But last night, I got a very enthusiastic "is this chicken pie?" That is as close to 'loving it' as I have come in almost 5 years. I haven't heard Matt that excited about dinner in a long time. How sad is that??? I'm not the best cook but I don't think I'm terrible either. So here's to many more almost 'love it' dinners!
Pilates is going better. The instructor is very interesting. In ballet, we knew mostly French words like jete, plie, and arabesque. Now I'm using words like 'downward-facing dog' and the 'pregnant cat'. Crazy! I still haven't figured out exactly what the pregnant cat is. But I'm sore from my head to my toes so something must be working right. I think I am at a disadvantage though when I look at the 80-year old behind me who does everything so well and doesn't even break a sweat! She inspires me :)


Carly Winborne said...

so cute, the two of them having tea! what darling girls we have!

please let me return the favor soon and keep MC for you. anytime!

Ashley said...

my husband likes to joke my best recipe is boiled chicken because when we first got married that was how I thought chicken was cooked! You'll have to post the recipe for your chicken that got such rave reviews!