Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas 2009 Part 1

I would seriously consider changing my son's name to Chevy Chase. We were going to give him Chase as a middle name until we felt we should name him after our dads. My point? National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is one of my favorite movies of all time. I still laugh even though I've seen it a hundred times. It gets me in the Christmas spirit every year!

I am feeling guilty about not taking Mati Claire to see Santa this year. Does that make me a terrible mother? I never knew his where-abouts honestly. I feel terrible. Luckily I found the energy to decorate like I normally do and we are putting "reindeer food" out in the yard on Christmas Eve. I haven't bought the "Elf" yet...I thought that was a little over her head...so next year for sure! She doesn't understand the potty yet...so I don't think she'll understand Santa's specifics.

We celebrated Christmas on the Miley side this past Saturday. After all the presents were opened and the tree was somewhat bare, Kendall and MC dragged 2 chairs to where the tree was standing. We found them like this. Talking to each other. Staring at the tree. Kendall was explaining to Mati Claire who "Crusty" the Snowman was and pointing out each color of light. So precious. My camera did not do this picture justice...


Sara said...

How sweet! Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas. Can't believe Santa we'll be bringing presents to two next year!

The Family Bond said...

Don't feel guilty about not taking Mati Claire to see Santa. My boys are 4 1/2 and this year is the first time we've been to see Santa. And even then, only 1 would do it. I refused to stand in long lines only to have my boys scream and possibly traumatize them by making them sit on his lap only for a picture.