Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I can't blog because I'm in the bathroom!

Got your attention? Someone PLEASE tell me why potty training is so difficult? Why is it SOOOO hard to understand for a 2 year old? We have spent every waking minute in the bathroom. She figured out VERY QUICKLY that if she just goes a little bit, she'll get candy. Well she never "empties" herself so she has to go again 5 minutes later...therefore more candy. 5 minutes later....again. She literally goes every 10 minutes ALL day long. Then yesterday, she began wanting to undress herself with no help. (To clarify, my child is not a climber or a streaker.) Well it takes her (no lie) 15 minutes to undress herself because she can't just pull her pants down....NOOOOO, she has to get COMPLETELY undressed to go potty...hairbow and all. So 15 minutes later, she has either already gone in her pull-up or has since changed her mind (again). I almost took my lunch into the bathroom with me. Seriously, I might lose my mind in a bathroom.

I had my monthly checkup with the doctor this morning aaaannnnndddd I've gained NINE pounds in 1 month. Wow. A total of 14 pounds so far. So she told me I could slow down now and aim for 1 lb a week. Ha! You're telling a pregnant person to slow down at Thanksgiving and Christmas time??? I go back in 3 weeks for my glucose test, then I start going every 2 weeks. ALREADY??? That caught me off guard. All I can say so far is that Mattox has shown me a whole different side to pregnancy and I can only imagine what it will be like when he gets here. Hopefully not a rude awakening but I'm getting that impression.

I mailed Christmas cards yesterday, so if you don't receive yours (I have terrible postal luck) please let me know. I promise I mailed you one! :) Jeanelle Caraway did the pictures and the cards. I am already looking forward to next years' card...what do I do with TWO kids?

Well if I don't blog, like I said, I'm in the bathroom. Just kidding... but things are getting very hectic around here with the holidays so if I don't post I hope everyone has a stressfree and wonderful Christmas. Does Santa take requests for potty training?


Tina said...

So funny that she has to do all that to go potty! I'm praying for patience and success with the potty training. And so glad that you and little Mattox are doing well.

Ashley said...

I wish I knew the potty training secret to success, but I don't! Ad did the same thing about squeezing out just enough for a gummy bear. Finally, I made a new rule that we only get gummies for #2. I recently just sucked it up and put Ad in underwear all the time, even in public. He still has accidents alot but I think it has helped some. We still spend a LOT of time in the potty though :)
Yall's Christmas card turned out so cute- what a sweet family you have!

Tiffany Brooks said...

hey. got the christmas card. it was adorable. I'm trying to get mine together. It won't be from Jeanelle this year. With the house I forgot to book a time. Plus I wanted my new house in it so I can do a new address thing on there too. But y'alls was precious.