Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last but not Least

Here's just one of my favorite things from 2009:

Probably the best picture we got.

Waving to us! I know these pics can be a little scary (that's cord over on the right). The fluid and cord can distort the images so they aren't as clear as people would like...but you get the idea.

Right hand up by his ear.

Grimacing at us and covering his face up with his foot. He wasn't happy about us moving him around.

We got back from TN late Tuesday night, then I had a 7:30 doctor's appointment Wednesday morning. It started with my 4D Ultrasound. I had talked myself out of getting this done 2 weeks ago...then people kept giving Matt the same Christmas presents that I had bought him. And I wondered - what can I give Matt that no one else can wrap? A picture of our son! Ha! And then 20 years from now I don't want to hear from Mattox, "you did it for MC and not me???" (you second child syndromes out there know what I'm talking about). I thought he looked EXACTLY like Mati Claire. I guess I was expecting something different since the pregnancy is so different. Of course MC didn't look like her pictures to me after she got here, so he may still look different. But for right now, he could be her twin.

Well, he cooperated pretty well I thought but the cord kept getting in the way, so the sonographer wanted me to go ahead and drink my cola for my glucose wake him up a little more. So I never got to eat breakfast (I was supposed to leave after my sonogram - eat breakfast - then come back - drink the cola - get blood drawn).

One hour later they drew my blood. I failed my iron test, so I'm on iron tablets now. Then my glucose was 138. Failing is 140. They said it should have been even higher because I was supposed to eat breakfast. Dr. T said she was between a rock and hard place because I need to be on the gestational diabetes diet but she didn't want me to lose any weight. I did gain 4 pounds this month. So she compromised by not putting me on the strict sugar busters type diet but told me to cut out any "extra" sugar (not necessarily carbs). So obviously my pop tarts, cokes, cake and chocolate are out. Uggghhhhh!!!! Then Mattox has fallen back to the 27th percentile. They estimated that he weighs around 2 and 1/2 pounds! He's just a small baby that keeps the doctors on their him come out to be a whopper of 8 pounds!

I can't believe I only have 2 and 1/2 more months til he gets here! 2009 has been a busy year. I turned 30, I went from working full time to part time to PRN to NO time, we hosted the Superbowl party, attended birthday parties, wedding showers, baby showers, hosted an Easter Egg Hunt, hung out at the lake every other summer weekend, exercised, went to New Orleans for our 5 year wedding anniversary, MC turned 2, traveled to Tennessee, had playdates and lunchdates, fixed houses, found out I was pregnant, had morning sickness, doctors appointments, had friends visit from St. Louis, funerals, Mother's Day Out, went to Boston, watched so many movies even at 8 am and midnight, spent spare time at the spa or shopping, survived Christmas, and now we are welcoming 2010 and baby Mattox to the family! What a year and I loved every minute of it!


Cari said...

He is adorable :) Can't wait to see him in person!

Tyanne said...

love the pics! I guess I don't remember MC well, he looks different to me!

Sara said...

Love the 4D pics. Can't wait to meet your little guy! Happy New Year!

picturesofhisgrace said...

Sounds like you need some red meat and less sugar. When I was pregnant with Alli my numbers were borderline and they made me go on the diabetic diet. I didn't really watch the protein and fats. I just made sure I ate less sugar and I tried to stick with the amount of carbs I could have for each meal. I had to cut all my sweet tea, nachos and chocolate milk out. Not fun! Of course, I can't wait to see Mattox's hair. I am very interested to see if he inherited the Miley gene for curly hair. Hope everything continues to go well! Tell Matt hello for me!

Tina said...

Great pics! So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Contratulations!!!! I had no idea. What a blessing for ya'll!

Vanessa Diel