Sunday, May 20, 2012

Busy Bees

I think I told you earlier that May is SO busy...hence my lack of blogging. I will devote some time here to MC and Mattox since they will probably take a back seat in July and August on the blog. Dance recitals, school activities, and Mother's Day came and went so fast, I didn't have time to really sit down and enjoy it. But I have the best Mom in the world! She has been helping me even when she's in TN! 

Every Thursday this past year, Mati Claire participated in TOTS (Teams of Tomorrow). It works on several skills each week, but I would say it works on their motor skills overall. Sort of like gym class or a PE class for 4 year olds. Anyway, it was one of the last times she will get to hang out with her best friend, Claire, who is moving away this summer. Claire wasn't the only one who got emotional :(

Mati Claire's first trophy!
Then MC had her 4 year old preschool graduation program. I am secretly glad that I had 2 doctor appointments that day. I was so rushed to get to everything on time that I didn't have time to get emotional or sentimental. I was too busy wiping sweat after running place to place - so I did not cry! yay!
She wants to be a "maker" when she grows up... but she really said "baker"
So proud of my 4 year old graduate!
...BUT it was bound to catch up with me. The last day of school. We have had the best teachers and parents and friends the past 2 years.  We could not have asked for a better experience in preschool. Mattox is not old enough this fall to start so I will miss it! The teachers do a "run-thru bubble tunnel" on the last day of school every year.  And chant their names... its so sweet! Thanks Amy for sending me these pics:

We took MC to New Orleans when she was 2 and I wanted to do the same for Mattox before Merritt got here. I don't think we'll be going anywhere for a long time after July. So this was a last family get-away-for-a-day trip. Wish there had been more time but it was still fun! We went to the Zoo, Aquarium, and Insectarium. Merritt also put in her request for beignets. I love New Orleans!
His first beads...and hopefully his last! ;)
Mattox liked the Aquarium the best! So many "shish"
The Zoo's new "splash park"...
...that Mattox did not care for.  But he's looking oh so cute in his bday present from Mrs. Jennifer!
The winds only got up to 45 mph...but they loved it!
Other than that I have been at one of my many doctor appointments or working on MC's birthday party! I start my bi-weekly BPP's (biophysical profile) this week.  Also hit somewhat of a milestone in this pregnancy... I am 30 weeks now! Wow. I did get a friend to take a belly pic of me to put in the baby book... but sorry - there is no way I am posting me pregnant in a swimsuit on here! lol!!! Dr. T says I've only gained a total of 12 pounds so far and my mission from now on is to and then eat some more.  Oh if I must... hey, its doctor's orders! :)
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