Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Had my first BPP (biophysical profile) today.  No biggie.  She passed with flying colors.  Its "just a sonogram" (hehe).  But they do measure/check her movement, breathing, fluid levels, and heartbeat.  But she has to do all within 30 minutes.  The breathing seems to be the tricky one.  Babies only practice their breathing in utero a few times every couple of minutes and if she's moving or if we're looking at something else - we could miss it.  And its VERY subtle.  I would never notice it if they hadn't pointed it out.

The sonographer estimated her weight to be 2 lbs 8 oz.  And realizing that I only have 7 weeks left...I see why they want me to eat more.  I noticed her cheeks had filled out some since the last ultrasound... I am predicting chipmunk cheeks similar to Mati Claire's - lol!!!!  And Merritt loves to play with her feet.  I find that amazing considering she has a "ball" on her stomach... she doesn't let anything slow her down or get in her way! Go Merritt!

What I thought would be "quick BPP appointments" proved me wrong... my first one and I was in the office for over 2 1/2 hours.  ugh.  twice a week.  they are really trying to torture me.  why do i have to pee in a cup twice a week?  and i can take my own blood pressure at home if it would cut down on my wait time in the office.  after dozing off in the exam room i woke up feeling like Dory on Finding Nemo... a little insane and singing "just keep swimming! just keep swimming!"

God is good though.  I still feel Him holding my hand through every appointment... the good and the bad :)  I was thinking the other day about all the things Merritt/we have overcome in the past 7 months and its amazing to see how good God is when you're surrounded with bad.
I experienced my second psoriasis flare-up that cleared within 6 weeks (a miracle).
After trying for 6 months to get pregnant...we gave up... and got pregnant! (another miracle).
They told me I had a 50% chance of miscarrying when I began to bleed.  I'm now 30 weeks.
They told me she had a 60% chance of having chromosomal abnormality.  She has none.
They told me she would most likely have a heart defect or another physical defect.  Nothing major has shown up yet.
They say she has a 50% chance of the small VSD correcting itself by 3 months of age.
They told me she had a 90% chance of survival if she has "just an omphalocele".  (how many miracles is that?)

Just amazing. Talk about answered prayers and His unwavering presence.
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