Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mermaid Birthday Party

Probably my favorite picture of the 100's we took! 
MC and my nieces, Kerigan and Kennedy, in their dresses that match the cake!
Love. Love. Love.
Food table
Our 5 Glofish (Nina, Pinta, Santa, Maria, and Phoebe) that were originally named Ariel's sisters because we had King Triton and his castle under the drink dispenser.  But MC insisted on having a Nina.  
My new favorite drink dispenser that I found at Sam's ($20)
I want to be a cake baker.  This is amazing. No I did not make this. 
Sushi Sandwiches: Sea "Cucumbers" and Ham and Cheese
Goldfish and Blue Licorice
Oyster Cookies made by my sister, Heather
Spicy oyster crackers
Fruit Beach Ball Cookie made by mom, Gigi
Oreo balls AKA sea urchins
Rock candy
"A Splash of Water"
My hanging they originally looked and I made them into:
Beautiful hanging poms! one of my faves of the party! Suppose to resemble coral or maybe a barrier reef or barnacles...what do you think? coral? 
Treasure chest, made by my mom
Amazing what you can find at your local Cracker Barrel restaurant: mermaid doll and blue sand hourglass.  Below is my jellyfish!  and the starfish table.  

Did not make this. 
She got bashful when everyone started singing Happy Birthday!

That is one big waterslide
The backyard
She is so happy in her "non-ruffled" swimsuit. My love is your love, babe. ;)  
We FINALLY got her out on the slide and smiling!
Where was Mattox during all this? Playing in the bubbles...
Or in the pool with Daddy 
What are the rules and laws of an arranged marriage? Love me some Kellan.  
Mati Claire and Claire.  Probably the last time they will see each other. *sniff sniff*
And the last two pics are the party favors.

We had to have Mati Claire's 5th birthday party a little early this year since we have set Merritt's arrival date of July 10th = 2 days after Mati Claire's birthday (July 8th).  I do think it loses some of the excitement by having it so early and MC has been totally misunderstanding the situation.  She thinks her birthday is the day of the party.  But...she'll thank me later.  I couldn't have done half of this party if I had waited until 37 weeks pregnant.  I almost went into labor this past Friday though = a snake crawled over my foot while cleaning up the pool area.  The 2 delivery guys that were setting up tents and the waterslide literally ran away when I told them.  I had to wake Matt up after he had been up almost 24 hours straight.  Ugh! It took me almost 3 hours to finally calm down and catch my breath.  I was pretty much worthless after that.

LOVED having my family here for a visit.  But no one enjoyed it more than MC.  She has been in a depression since they left.  But they helped me do everything for the party and then some!  My mom worked hard on another table cloth for me that I loved but the picture is not cooperating with me and my computer.  I should have renamed this party "Ruffles and Bubbles" instead of Mermaids.  

This party has taught me: how to fish-tail braid hair, make a piñata, connect tissue poms, that fondant icing does NOT go in the fridge or it will melt, that real starfish STINK, MC does not like ruffles on her swimsuits, and that black men will run away from a snake leaving a very pregnant lady to fend for herself.  ;)  many lessons learned here, people.

Here is the list and links of where I got all the party stuff for those of you wondering.  And I have already resold some things if you are interested in anything.  If not, it has gone to the lake house to decorate the last bedroom! ha!  Some of the ideas came from Pinterest.  You can follow my boards there and check all this out, or click on the links below.  

Invitations:  ScrapYourStory
Swimsuit:  by Kate Mack
Mermaid dress:  MyaPapayaBoutique
Ruffled wreath:  knockknock Factory
Cookie Party Favor:  TSCookies
Message in a bottle Party Favor:  WeddingsAway
Jellyfish:  Pinterest.  Tutorial from HERE.
Cake:  Pinterest from HERE.  Made by Dream Cakes   
Hanging Poms/Coral:  Idea from HERE.  Poms from PaperwhiteDesigns
Water bottle labels:  3PeasPrints
Straws:  isakayboutique
Fish net/Fish supplies/Decorations:  Petsmart, American Aquarium Products, and Shindigz
Streamers/Utensils/Napkins/Etc:  Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Michael's, and Party City
Clam Cookies:
Starfish Smores (that I never got around to making):
Beach Ball Fruit Cookie:
Cucumber sandwich recipe:  from Mississippi Magazine
Sushi Sandwich:  idea from HERE
Waterslide/tents/bubble machine:  Bouncearoo

Whew!!! I'm tired now.  I can relax and enjoy the month of June now before the real drama starts.  Happy (early) birthday to my sweet and beautiful girl, Mati Claire!


Pamela said...

Murphy had a BLAST! The cutest party I've seen in a LONG time. I LOVED the oyster cookies, they were my favorite thing about the party!!
Happy Birthday, Mati-Claire!!

Heather Handley Klauber said...

I'll take that compliment...being that I detest "baking". I'm the "cook", not the "baker" in the family. So, the word "ICING" has the ability to completely freak me out. Luckily, a 10 year old could've made those!!
My Favorite Party in a while too...our 3 girls definately got their money's worth out of the waterslide after the party was over!!

Cari said...

The party was amazing! Everything was perfect! We had the BEST time. The oyster cookies and the message in a bottle were my favorite things...with the hanging poms not far behind. Happy early birthday MC!

Tiffany Brooks said...

We had an awesome time too! Everything was so adorable!! I loved the oyster cookies and the Poms over tr table too! And the sushi sandwiches were cute too! Heck, it was all adorable! Y'all outdid yourselves! K had a great time!! And I did too!

Sara said...

Very cute! Looks like a happy girl to me!

Darla said...

Where did you get the tablecloth? It it so adorable!

Carrie said...

The tablecloth is fabric from Hobby Lobby!

Anonymous said...

Hey I was wondering if the drink dispenser included the king titan at the bottom? Did you buy that from Sam's?

Carrie said...

No the drink dispenser by itself is from Sam's. I bought aquarium figurines from our local pet store (Petsmart). King Triton and the sand castle cost about $6 each and the dispenser was $20.

Alexis said...

Okay thank you! I'm doing a mermaid/pirate theme for my daughter this year and just so you know I got some good ideas from this blog. I was just wondering if you still had any of the items for sale? And what did you do for the blue punch? I looked online for blue punch but everything I saw called for ice cream and I don't know if I want to do that. Sorry for all the questions. :)

Carrie said...

Let me check on a few things that I'm holding for someone. I know the outfit and hanging poms are sold - but the wreath and other decorations I was just holding. Do you want to give me your email address and I can get back to you - or do you just prefer to leave a comment here?
I used blue Gatorade. they make about 3 different shades of blue and I let her pick which flavor she liked best (i think it was the "glacier ice" flavor. I REALLY liked that drink dispenser because there is an ice container you can attach to the lid that goes down the middle. So the drink does not get watered down but stays ice cold! awesome! No I wouldn't have time to do any kind of punch or ice cream type drink - that's too much! lol!

Alexis said...

I went ahead and sent an email to the one listed on your contact me info. Just in case my email is Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Darling party! Did I overlook where you may have posted about the fabric for the tablecloth? LOVE! Thanks in advance!

Carrie said...

I got the food table cloth material from Hobby Lobby. If I remember right it was about 4 yards worth of fabric. :). The other table cloths we made from other colored fabric, and I bought a fishing net and attached starfish to it for the other table. I still have the (authentic) fishing net and starfish if you would like to buy them. But I sold the blue ruffled fabric already.

internetexplorer said...

This is my sister's favorite theme. It's sweet, colorful and just suits a kid's innocence. Glad to be exploring the net and found great Little Mermaid birthday party ideas like this. THis is going to be my niece's party theme next year. yehey <3 God bless always! I would love to pin some photos from this post hope it's find with you.