Friday, June 29, 2012


We knew Merritt had IUGR (Intra-uterine growth restriction) due to her omphalocele.  You can click on the link but it doesn't really pertain to me in that description - basically, she has done all she can inside the womb.  She has not grown significantly in over a month... maybe a few ounces.  The O does not allow her to gain weight like she should for obvious reasons.  Usually in the 9th month of pregnancy they generally sit there and put on weight.  Not Merritt.  She would sit there for another month and still weigh the same as she does right now....but probably pass away before that time.   So they are sticking with the delivery at 37 weeks.  She looked great today.  Breach.  But doing well:  breathing great, had the hiccups for an hour, moving and drinking amniotic fluid! 

There has been alot of discussion trying to coordinate a million different doctors' schedules (we have 2 OB/GYN's, a MFM (maternal fetal specialist), the MFM fellow, a pediatric surgeon,  a pediatric cardiologist, and a neonatologist, and if you want to throw in a anesthesiologist for good measure).  For over 2 weeks all we've heard is "we'll play it by ear."  Well this ear has gone deaf hearing that.  We needed answers today.  I knew many of the doctors we see were going on vacation in July.  Apparently no one else was aware of that fact.   We meet the actual OB/GYN that will perform the C-section next week but -----  L.O.N.G. story short ------>  the surgeon, Dr. B2, put his foot down (thank goodness) and demanded first thing Monday morning, July 9th.  He is the first to leave for vacation that following weekend and wanted as much time with her as possible.  I've only met him once, and I'm liking him more and more!  

I will eventually reveal the doctor's names for those of you interested, but things are constantly changing for us, and I'm not sure what to think about privacy issues in that regard.  Especially if something unwanted or unpredictable happens in the near future.  

Merritt must know how much I enjoy planning a birthday party and is now forcing me to share all of her parties with her older sister.  Yes, they will be 1 day apart.  MC's birthday is July 8th and Merritt's will be July 9th.  I find it ironic because MC's actual due date and my scheduled induction was for the 9th but she came a day early on her own.  Lets pray Merritt does NOT fall in her big sis' footsteps! I do not want history to repeat itself in that regard.  Matt calls me crazy, but I had a plan.  MC's birthday is on the 8th, Mattox's is on the 9th, and Merritt's was suppose to be on the 10th!  They messed up my plan...but once again, what plan is there really?  Apparently I am meant to have a baby on July 9th! 9 more days!!!!!
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