Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ready or Not

She's coming soon!  And depending on the day I may or may not be ready.  I am getting extremely nervous and scared.  So most of my thoughts have been depressing and angry.  But on the flip side - I am very excited and ready to meet Miss Merritt!  

"When you lie down, you will not be afraid... For the Lord will be your confidence"   Proverbs 3:24, 26.  

I would love for yall to read a blog post that is in my list to the right - or you can click HERE for Finley's update.   It is long - but an excellent example of future struggles for O babies after their initial 'fix'.  I've had alot of people assume that after the surgeries - she'll be "fine".  It is a sneak peak into one day in the life of an O baby (that I consider one of the lucky ones).  

As of today, I've got exactly 3 weeks left (21 days and counting now).  I am 34+ weeks pregnant and I've had 31 doctor appointments, 21 ultrasounds, 9 BPP's, 3 echocardiograms, 1 amnio, and 1 MRI.... so far.  You can add 6 more ultrasounds and 1 more amnio that I know about in the coming weeks.  
They plan to do another amnio that I am NOT looking forward to the day before the section to see if her lungs are developed enough to deliver.  It takes only 4 hours to get those results back.  Which reminds me of another FAQ:  Why are they taking her at 37 weeks?  Apparently there is an extremely high risk of her being stillborn after 38 weeks.  I quote from one of the doctors "there is something magical about the 37th week" as far as stillborn goes.  We plan to take her at 37 weeks 3 days.   The other FAQ lately is:  Will we have any more children?  I.Don't.Know.  Not likely, but we're not ruling anything out just yet.  I may become another Duggar and let go and let God! lol! ;)  

Here's a few pics over the last few weeks.  The sonographers see me so much that they love me Merritt and give me a few extra 4D pics.  Today they estimated her weight at 3 lbs and 12 oz (minus the O) and said she has ALOT of hair!  I can't wait to see how accurate they are!  (fyi - hair doesn't show up in 4D pics like you think it would so you won't see it).  

"For the love of all that is holy... STOP looking at me!"   ;)

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear... he who fears has not been made perfect in love."  1John 4:18
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Erin said...

Every good and PERFECT gift is from above. Praying for you sweet friend!