Friday, June 22, 2012

A few of my favorite things

Baby things.  And I'm not talking about my favorite diaper cream or brand of diapers.  If you know me... then you know I like to shop!  And nothing makes me feel better than a splurge!  When it comes to babies... the stuff is just too darn cute to pass up.  

Most of these items were gifts, but I've added a few new things to show you.  What do you get a baby that will have everything handed down to her from big sis?  What do you get a baby that will stay in the NICU for awhile?  Lets take a look:

I am in love.  Check out the "Toe Blooms" with my diaper covers! 

Apple Annies in Brandon, MS has done all 3 of my hospital door signs.  This one is my favorite.  I took a piece of her bedding to the store and she painted it to match.  Mom will take it back the day I have her and they finish it with date/weight/length measurements.  Love. 

I found these when Mattox was born.  He is spoiled rotten.  They are so soft and cuddly without over-doing it.  My favorite crib sheets ever and worth every penny.  Mattox has blue and brown and loves them!

Come to momma!  Yes, that's a diaper bag.  Call me crazy.  Whatever.  I love it and it makes me happy. 

I am not showing you her hats.  A girl has to keep a few secrets and surprises in her back pocket.  This baby will be a diva no doubt.  She's already mastered the drama to go with it.     

Thank you Pamela for more must-haves!  Love love love!

So after a horrible day today (got a ticket for "ignoring a traffic device" that I did not see...clearly), I came home to a few baby gifts that put a smile on my face! 

And the sonographer has a new nickname for her:  Alvin.  "She's got some jaws!"  (insert a strong southern accent and draw the word jaws into 2 or 3 syllables).   I made the comment that she must be packing some nuts because she has some cheeks!  As in Alvin and the Chipmunks.  We shall see how true she rings though.  
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Pamela said...

So honored that our gift made your favorite list!! haha. LOVE the bag (so happy it is out of the closet now :)) hee hee