Monday, June 25, 2012

Breaking Down

I will not break down. I will not break down. I will not break down.

It seems everyone and everything is breaking on me lately...and I am very close to it myself if you don't count the crying sessions every night when I think about Merritt too much.   We had been in our house EXACTLY 2 years (plus a day after all warranties expired) when the bottom fell out.  2 years later... again.  In the past month, we have had a toilet stop working, electrical outlet problems (trust me I'm waiting for the house to burn down over those), a water leak in our bedroom from the roof, the gate broke, and today our air conditioner went out!  This preggo snapped when the A/C quit.

People?  Well, lets just say Merritt is not in the best of health overall.  hehe.  I'm sort of dreading 2 weeks from now and the stress is starting to get to me.  My grandfather died in March and my grandmother just recently got out of the hospital.  And I'm just at the end of this pregnancy =  No, I don't look like I'd be miserable with the size of my belly - but trust me I am.  I had to start my morning off with 2 Tylenol today because my back was hurting so bad before I even got out of bed!

Then on top of my hospital bills, regular bills, and now-extra bills for broken down appliances, I had to pay $181.00 to the City of Ridgeland for my ridiculous traffic ticket!!!!!  Ugh!

Ok. So there's my vent for the week.  Whew.  Sorry.  At least the house is breaking down now instead of 2 weeks from now.  I am drowning.   and Matt? He was asleep for the all the utility repairmen visits today... and he takes it all in stride.  I'm glad I married him.  Truly my better half.  He is excited to be taking ALOT of time off next month.  But not more excited than these 2:

These 2 have become quite the best of friends. I love it.

Mati Claire is spending her summer in swimming lessons.  She has given me too many heart-attacks over the past years.  She will do lessons until she is a pro and diving flips off the board.  I will not negotiate.  I have even considered signing her up to take throughout the year instead of just summers.
She has definitely made significant progress in the last few weeks because, as of last weekend, tubing at the lake was not good enough - she wants to learn to water ski now.

And how is Mattox spending his summer?  Potty training.  Help me, Jesus.
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Erica said...

You are amazing! The capacity to handle everything you are handling is truly astonishing. I admire you so much!

Let those tears out girl, and don't feel bad about it. The tears at night help you deal in the day. Try to relax and breathe as much as you can these next 2 weeks--it will help you tackle the hard work in your future.

I am sending you SO much love and SO many prayers and SO much strength. You are an inspiration, even when you might not feel like you are!

I love you!